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"The way is clear, the light is good..."

So, i gave AJ my post-graduation address, including e-mail, which is athene_writer@yahoo (yes, you can all change your address books and send me your appropriate contact info -- though my Smith account will work through the summer) and of course e-mail programs automatically underline everything, so she e-mailed back to confirm the underscore and wrote "Underscores your achievement!"  Tee.  And she wants to take me for coffee or something at the atrium next week.

I stopped by Bobbie's office, and she said nice things about my liaisoning and entreated me to stop by whenever i visit.  She is le sweet.

I was niche culture literate twice today.  Craziness.  I explained to someone where "my hed iz pastede on yay" comes from and knew that D.E.B.S. (whose original i have even seen) was gay.

Oh, the Jolt and how only 3 people didn't post as Guest.  I definitely haven't been on the Jolt in ages (and lo my life is a better place for that decision) but a friend mentioned the thread and i was intrigued.  I have issues with it, clearly, but all i would say has been said.

Unrelated but prompted by the same conversation:

Poll #488705 losing friends: drifting or fighting

Which way would you prefer to lose a friend?

a fight(s)

Person: i HATE losing friends to bad terms
Me: Yeah.  (Losing friends period is rather of the suckage.)
Person: true, but i can deal with drifting better than fights and fallingouts
Me: Interesting.  I really dislike drifting more because i can't pinpoint why we stopped being friends and have a harder time figuring out if i still want to be friends and/or how to go about reinitiating the friendship.
Person: i've had lots of friends drift apart
Person: but only a few lost to fights
Me: Ditto.  I feel much more closure about the latter, though, like i know where i stand and what the deal is and everything.

I rock the free world, because in little over a day i redid my recs page for both Buffy/Angel-verse and Firefly a la Doyle (and yes of course i stole code whole cloth from here).  The list format will be up as well, but now you can use the handily navigable grids.  And Netrillium seems to have stopped being a butt, which is additional joy and rapture.  (Makes me feel much less bad about being tied to them for two years.)  And, um, the grid pages aren't actually linked-to yet because i'm anal-retentive and update the site on the first of the month and only then, but they exist, i promise.
Tags: cultural literacy, polls, smith: the jolt, website: maintenance

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