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"take this waltz..."

Is it bad that one reason i'm glad i wasn't able to go to the Boston screening of Serenity is that it meant more Emma time?  However, phineasjones wrote: "sean maher and morena baccarin were there! and they were so frickin pretty. i mean like... whoa. like, they only look half... ok, maybe 3/4 that pretty on screen. and they said a few cute things and people cheered at them and then they sat down (close behind where dancingrain was sitting) and watched the movie with everyone."  I am le jealous.

Friday morning, when i was supposed to be at work at 9am, i woke up at 9:20.  Thankfully, i work across the street, so i basically just threw on clothes and hustled.  It was such a slow day that i still finished everything before leaving for a noontime lunch.

After lunch i said goodbye to Emma (who had to go pack) and then took a quick shower before going back to work.  Yeah, i have i have issues.  Makes me wonder how i survived those cross-country camping trips.

The afternoon primarily consisted of reading fanfic.  (I continue to be impressed by people who can actually create involved plots.)  I did copying for Stacey one last time.  She, too, had a gift for me.  We talked for about an hour before i actually left and opened it, though.  She and i have a pool (read: billiards, not swiming) date next Wednesday.  If i bartend, i need to frame my diploma, put it up, and send her a picture.  (Because really, what do you do with a B.A. in English? ;) )
So yes, gift.  Lovely note.  And omgscarf.  Unfolded it's big enough to be a shawl and i have no idea how to do this scarf thing, but it's beautiful.  It's a really deep dark purplish blue, and at the ends there's brownish black embroidery of bamboo and the like, and at the very ends dark blue fringe.  And i have no idea what i own that i could wear with it, but it's beautiful.

Leaving at 5, handing in my name badge, and knowing i wouldn't ever be coming back, not in that capacity anyway, that was the first time i got really choked up about this whole graduating thing.

That night, Kate and i went to Pleasant St. and went through the entire store, twice, before finally deciding on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  As expected, an enjoyable movie though i had coupling issues.  (The IMDb trivia was impressive, though.)  We then caught the end of Drumline (which i had never seen) and most of Monsters, Inc. (which i had seen before and still enjoy).

What is up with this Out By Ten A.M. thing?  [In the past it has been noon.]  Moot point for me, obviously, but irksome for everyone else.  And it deprived me of some goodbyes.  And after all that, RADS has, as far as i can tell, yet to show up at my house.  (Note the time stamp.)

Ari posted the fic i betaed!  I got to do that dorky beta thing in which i glee at the ways in which my suggestions were incorporated and note other changes and wonder what other people's suggestions were.

And y'all should go read it.  It's mostly about apocalypse and ancients and plotty and thematic.  I say this to make people who would be squicked by the pairing read it, but i'm not lying.  It's more about interaction than 'ship.  And i feel that it has a sufficient happy ending for my people who don't do the tragic angst.  (Though i've gotta say, if you don't like the tragic angst, why are you in my fandom?)  So yeah.  Go.
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