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Why do i seem to have less time to update when i'm obligation-less?

So, Saturday i felt like a bad friend that i was not offering to help anyone pack since i was hearing stories of Nao carrying stuff for like everyone.  However, i deserved my lounge time and would have happily helped anyone who asked, so i didn't feel too bad.  And then i spent like 4 hours with Zia, keeping her company and on-task.

I am apparently "wise in the ways of rightness."  :)  Also smart, and graduating.  But then we already knew that :)

Zia's roommate owns Henry & June, a Philip Kaufman filmization of an Anaïs Nin work, which film was the catalyst for the creation of the NC-17 MPAA rating.  I'm not sure i have any interest in seeing the film, but i heart the IMDb trivia explanation of what earned it the NC-17 rating.

I managed to go to church on Sunday.
Prelude Meditation:
Stories are remarkably important.  They shape the way that we think about things, how we understand ourselves, how we look at other people, what values we hold important, what we believe about ourselves and the world and everything else out there.  We tell stories all the time, and we are shaped by them all the time, just as the stories my mother told me made a difference in how I saw myself, who I was and what I could be.
-Alida Schuchert, "Women of Spirit"
The Call to Worship weirded me out.  "O gracious God of life and birth How you labor, how you suffer, to bring forth the new creation.  Indeed, you cry out like a woman in childbirth And the Spirit groans with you.  But your cries become cries of joy As you behold fragile new life there before you. [...]"  I don't like the idea of God straining to make the world.  I like my omnipotent God.  And there's an amazing beauty and power in that powerful a speech act as those ones that God performs in Genesis -- "Let there be Light, and there was Light" etc.

The responsive reading was Female Biblical Images of God, which felt weird because (a) there was a lot of Israel as a male child "him" and i'm so used to the prophetic writings of Israel as wayward wife "she" (b) some it seemed generically parental, so invoking "mother" seemed excessive.

The service wasn't as wholly mother-centric as say UCN is, though.  The Scripture readings were Luke 8:1-3 and Acts 9:36-43, and the sermon was titled "Stories That Cry Out To Be Told."  After the sermon, there was a moment of recognition for all the members of their Dorcas Society wherein they had them stand and distributed roses.

At the beginning of the service, Peter said that they were going to honor those who are mothers even to non-biological children (moms who've adopted or cared for foster kids, teachers, etc.) and also something about how we all have mothers.  He actually used the word "inclusive."  Last week, Tessa had the kids write down what they liked doing with their moms and read them today and one kid actually said "moms" and i thought, "We're so obviously inclusive about that, that no one even mentions it, but what about if you have two daddies, or your mom died, or whatever?"  And during the joys&concerns at the end, Peter did say a prayer for all those who had (recently) lost their mothers.

I might have talked to my mom more yesterday than i have all semester.  I called in the afternoon for the Happy Mothers Day thing and then in the evening to ask "In the interest of getting rid of paper, which financial documentation do i actually need to keep?"

Every time i read No Limits (i am one episode behind; don't spoil me) i think of my mother, because she reads it when she has time and thinks it's good enough to feel like a real Season 6.  However, when i pimped out Ari's post-NFA fic?  My mom read it.  She liked it.  It seemed in character and made sense as something to happen after the Angel finale.

Fefe got 4 phone calls on Sunday but was still jealous that i gave Kate my 2003 Spike calendar.  Not that she wanted that particular pressie, but rather that i didn't love her enough to give her a pressie.  Given that she had commandeered my LJ, i'm not sure she should be complaining.  (Story: Everyone else had abandoned F., so she was coming to hassle me.  I was on my way to the bathroom, however, so i left her in my room for a couple minutes following an admonition not to break anything.  And she certainly didn't actually break anything.)

This partially packed up thing is a weird space to live in.  Not so much the physicality of having so much of my stuff in boxes (hello, i live out of boxes all the time) but just the knowledge that i don't have all my stuff within reach, even though i know i don't expect to need/want/use anything i've packed up in the next few days. (And yes of course this is the part where my mother chimes in about all the stuff that's been sitting in their house for the past 4 years which clearly she could burn and i wouldn't know the difference.) It's a scattered/disconnected/schizophrenic/something psychic state to live in.  My dad got called in to sub today, so the boxes remain in my room for the time being.  Today wins at life, however.
1) Serenity!
2) Peter called about my involvement in the service next Sunday.
3) I got Kelly's contact info from Peter, so i might be able to see her before i leave, or at least talk to her briefly.
4) I got my hair cut again and it's actually what i wanted this time (bob below my ears) and she even smoothed out my hack angling job some.
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