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that updatey thing [uber-long per usual]

What Graduation Weekend stories did i forget?

In one of the classes my dad was subbing for, some kids were talking about who's gay at NHS [the high school i went to and which he substitute teaches at now] and being so matter-of-fact about it -- "He's bi," "Her girlfriend's from Sharon," etc.  This made me happy.

At graduation rehearsal they told us not to open booze at the graduation ceremony out of respect for alcoholics -- the best argument i've heard yet for that policy.

At Commencement, the Senior Class gift to the college was a rock, symbolic of a larger rock which would be erected for students and orgs to paint on.  I thought of Hollins :)

P.S. Dominique took pictures of the comp-sci majors graduating, and marginaliana has pictures from Ivy Day and Commencement, if you want a feel for what it all looked like.  And Cate has an account of the Baccalaureate i skipped out on.

During Senior Week, one thing i did was to read some of the other fairy tale retellings in the collections i'd gotten out to do research for my seminar paper.  I never did get around to posting the highlights:

Dorothy Lee Richardson's "Modern Grimm" from Disenchantments (ed. Wolfgang Mieder) is really interesting.

Tanith Lee's "Snow-Drop" (from Snow White, Blood Red) is omg hot and chilling.

From Black Thorn, White Rose:
"Words Like Pale Stones" by Nancy Kress - some really interesting thoughts on words and beauty and etc.
"Stronger Than Time" by Patricia C. Wrede - interesting thoughts on how fairy tales and magic spells work

I really like Sisters in Fantasy 2.
"Shahrezad" by Ellen Guon and "Dumping Ra" by Sharan Newman both use tropes i've seen before, but they're still done well here.
"Angel of the City" by Susan Shwartz is reminiscent of various angels i've seen in other stories, but is very well done.  I have such a weakness for angels who are oh so human.
"Why Is This Night Different" by Janni Lee Simner is a wonderfully interesting and powerful story that hits a lot of my kinks (not sexual ones, thematic ones).

Oh, and Anthony Schmitz's Darkest Desire: The Wolf's Own Tale includes a really interesting on the Grimms and their tale collection.

And because i always forget to look them up when i'm home, the creepy-as-fuck tales i grew up on are: The Fairy Tale Book a deluxe golden book illustrated by Adrienne Segur ("Donkey-Skin," Madame d'Aulnoy's "The White Deer" and "The Royal Ram" -- also includes stuff like "Urashima and the Turtle" and Madame d'Aulnoy's "Queen Cat"), and The Unbroken Web by Richard Adams ("The Giant Eel," "The Moddey Dhoo," "The Robin").

What else have i been doing?

My grandma approves of my break from academia, which is a relief since she was the one person i was really worried about telling.  The plans i do have seem to not really register.  Her short-term memory is so going, and she definitely doesn't tend to retain things that don't fit with what she's expecting, so i rather suspect we'll be telling her about bartender training and massage school to blank looks for weeks.

I finally watched Sliding Doors.  I approve.  For the most part anyway.
. . . There are two schools of thought about the resilience of time.  The first is that time is highly volatile, with every small event altering the possible outcome of the earth's future.  The other view is that time is rigid, and no matter how hard you try, it will always spring back toward a determined present.  Myself, I do not worry about such trivialities.  I simply sell ties to anyone who wants to buy one . . .
     Tie seller in Victoria, June 1983
-from The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
One of the things that bugged me about the movie also came up in Grey's Anatomy (which i saw for the first time tonight).  Who today has unprotected heterosexual sex -- i mean, have you heard of pregnancy?  And a slew of doctors?!  [Also, the ease with which Alex homo-bantered made me heart him like whoa, but to say "unprotected sex" and not mention anything about non-penis sex?  I object.]

I had orientation for massage school Thursday night.  The assorted walks involved are not a big deal.  Saw so many sailors.  Apparently the JFK has been in port.

My grandma took me to Salem years ago, and i have vague memories of North Station as something akin to Back Bay station.  Now, however, it is omgFleetCenterliekwhoa!  I am displeased.

Walking to Palmer i passed a sign saying, "Welcome To The Open Door United Church of Christ" [salemmission.org].  The adjacent sign (they seemed to share a building -- which looked to me like a Catholic church building) was for St. Clare of Assisi - Catholic Church in America, "An Association of Catholic Churches NOT In Communion With The Roman Catholic Church" [catholicchurchinamerica.org].
Sometime last semester, Ruhi was asking Emily about this thing she had heard of, Catholic Church of America, not affiliated with Rome, and she was wondering if Emily knew anything about it.

The people at Palmer are all effusive and everything, and definitely knowledgeable, but the hippie-dippie-ness puts me on edge.  During the orientation, the instructors all talked about the courses they taught, and they talked about the National Certification Exam, and the woman who heads the school talked about how it's a computerized test, created by people who don't necessarily know anything about massage but know a lot about testing, and how it's multiple choice, and she said something about how you have to live in your brain for a few hours (while you're taking the exam) and she said that can be difficult for massage therapists [which does make sense insomuch as massage work is very body-oriented and to some degree intuitive and not an explicitly intellectual work], saying she hardly ever lives in her brain, and i thought, "But i always live in my brain."  I'm really into physical contact -- hugs, cuddling, that kind of thing -- but i so very much live inside my head, working with words rather than bodies.  And this whole energy focus makes me wonder if i'm at the right place at all.  I picked it because it was the only one i could commute to, and i figure it's better to have the knowledge and choose to not use it than to not have that option.  And i am such a whore for knowledge, as evidenced when the instructors were talking about their courses and my mental list of Want to Take was growing.

A number of the women (instructors) had bleached blond hair, and makeup, and one had a dark tan that to me yelled tanning salon.  This seemed out of kilter and bothered me far more than all the talk about working with your clients' energy etc.

And omg the EarthLite catalog.  You can purchase massage tables with names like Pegasus and Everest, and there are nature pictures taking up half of each page.  It's intense.  Tempts me to set up my scanner.

At dinner on Friday, i learned that my mom knew one of the instructors before, because she did social work stuff.  Said instructor was one of the people i liked best from the brief introductions we got.  And she does a 4-hour "Caring for Victims of Abuse" workshop [as part of Anatomy&Physiology III lecture series] which i want to manage to attend if not this session then sometime.

That Friday we bought alcohol, my choice.  I ended up deciding on Blue Moon Riesling and admitted to being sucked in by the label (though i read the label for every Riesling in the store and had reasons besides just the label for choosing what i did).  I said i was a victim of their marketing.  We came outside to a beautiful sunset and i said i was a victim of God's marketing :)  The Riesling, for the record, is quite good, though the guy in the store was right that American Riesling is drier than German Riesling.

I applied for a slew of administrative assistant type jobs this weekend (and a variety of other jobs, as i have no shame -- though i still won't work for MassPIRG).  Looking at the listings, i don't want the ones that want me to manage teams or whatever; i want brainless work.  I keep thinking of Stacey's apologies for not giving me challenging work and my insistence that really this was what i wanted, that i used my brain enough.  And also of this year's commencement speaker talking about a waitress in her area who loves her job in large part because it gives her the freedom to do so much else with her life.
I did a cognitive whosiewhatsie and ow my brain.  The recognizing faces portion reminded me of my self-defense class.

offbalance has the most eclectic "5 books that mean a lot to me" i've seen for that meme yet.  (She's also the second person to tag me to do that meme.  And i will do it.  That question is just like the hardest thing evar.)

Post-"Chosen": Girl Pitches Perfect Little League Game and ladyvorkosigan wrote The BSC, Vampire Slayers which i think i'm afraid to read.

juleskicks says, I am really, really tempted to write a "Five Jedi Yoda Never Trained" story. With one of the five being River.

Whole lotta links about writing teh sex in the most recent metafandom.  Basically summed up by: generalizations are bad, and stating your opinions in an inflammatory manner riles people up.  I do like this bit, though. 
Now, lots of you might think Freud was crazy and maybe he was, a little. But he knew that people are sexual beings and he knew that sex is all about the aim--the thing upon which sexual desire is focused. [...] It's about the sexual object. If you're a woman and the sexual object is a woman, great. But if you're a woman having sex with another woman, but your true aim is to seem sexy to a guy, then your aim is the guy. And that's, well. It's exploitation.


P.S. - Vaginas don't taste like candy. They're not sweet or fragrant. They taste like skin, and sometimes like mucusy bodily fluids that don't belong in your mouth. Like semen, but clear. And dudes, what's the deal with people licking semen off their fingers, etc, in fic, and it "tasting so good" blah blah? I mean maybe I'm just not as awesome as y'all, but I've tasted a good amount of come in my days, and it doesn't taste good. It's bitter and gets stuck in your throat and if a guy ever wiped it on my lips I would probably hit him, not lick it off like that favoured lip gloss stuff and thank him for the yummy treat.

[And in a comment: "Apparently there are people who love the taste of come. Who knew? I obviously need to seduce these people ;)"]

Oh, and jadelennox quotes a Newbery winner: "reality is no excuse for fiction".

In the interest of getting rid of stuff:
--The Blending by Sharon Green (6 book series, quite good, i just don't expect to reread them anytime soon)
-- the first four Earth's Children (The Clan of the Cave Bear etc.) books in paperback (i really like the first book and keep intending to read the rest, but i'm thinking it's not gonna happen anytime soon)
Any interested parties?

Hey, Ashley, it's not Showgirls, but...

And Emma, clearly this is when you should come visit me :)

"I have this big tattoo on my back. It means 'love and peace in the world' but mostly it just means 'drunk and 18'." -Vanessa Marcil (number 20-something on the Maxim Hot 100 - courtesy of VH1)
Angelina Jolie is only #7?

And okay, i think i'm done now.
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