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week-end update

The short version:
  • Bartender training is like an intensive pseudo-immersion foreign language course.  I managed to get certified, though.
  • Shopping for business professional clothes is a bitch.
  • I really love learning stuff and engaging my brain.
  • I still desperately want to be a full-fledged adult (i.e. an apartment and a job to pay for it) and am working toward it.
  • I kind of want to just curl up in front of my computer and read fanfic for days.

The long version:

Memorial Day i wore my Celebration t-shirt, which wasn't entirely purposeful but which made me happy.

I wore my "everyone loves a cunning linguist" t-shirt on Wednesday, and i'm not sure anyone actually got it, but i got compliments anyway, and one of the women in the class told me a guy she goes to school with (UMass Amherst) has that same t-shirt only black-on-pink, which made me happy.

Bartender training is, as previously mentioned, like an intensive pseudo-immersion foreign language course. 

Any previous knowledge you have of (a) what brand names there are for the different types of alcohol [and/or what flavors the various liqueurs are] and/or (b) what ingredients there are in common mixed drinks, will help you when you train to bartend.  They don't expect you to know any of it coming in, but there is so much memorization that anything you already know is helpful.

Ms. Fisher was right; if you can't pour a shot after the DrinkMaster training there is something wrong with you.  Which is as it should be, as pouring is key.  Something i hadn't thought of before but which i realized the truth of working through class.  And i wouldn't have dreamed it on Monday, but i can in fact pour solidly.

Drilling with flashcards Thursday night i realized i actually know a bunch of the drinks easy, and though i need to drill for a few more days before i feel confident enough to actually work somewhere, this is doable.  (Plus, i passed my certification -- a pass is 80%, half-written half-practical, and i suspect i got about 90% -- which has to count for something.  Layna punned that i passed the bar exam.)

Remembering garnishes for a lot of these drinks is a bitch, though.  And dude, garnish in my drinks?  Annoys me mightily.  If it's adding flavor to the drink, okay, but if it's just sitting on the rim of my glass?  It's just in my way.  (Ice annoys me also, though that's mostly from when i order non-alcoholic drinks ‘cause you're getting gypped out of beverage.  In alcoholic drinks, it's more that the ice makes sipping inconvenient -- ice against teeth and all.)

So much of bartending is about image, though.  Jeff said "you feel like you own property" when you're holding a martini glass, and that people see drinks in pretty glasses or pretty-colored drinks and they want them.  (We also do a lot of up-selling, which makes me feel a touch sleazy and mostly discomfits me because well i'm a cheap bitch and dislike it when people try to get me to spend money.)

A Tequila Sunrise really is pretty.  The grenadine is red and it sinks down into the ice-filled golden tequila.  (The instructions on webtender.com have you tilt the glass and pour the grenadine so that it comes up through the drink, but i think that's unnecessary difficulty.)

There are drinks with awesome sex names like A Sloe Comfortable Screw Against The Wall, but i think my favorite is Four Horsemen (Scotch, Tequila, and two kinds of Bourbon).  I don't understand giving drinks vile names like Rusty Nail.  It is criminal that an Orgasm has no chocolate liqueur in it; i think i should replace the Kahlua in it with either chocolate or hazelnut liqueur.  Maybe i'll replace the Kahlua and the Bailey's.  I can call it a Girl's Orgasm or something.

Red Headed Slut is Jägermeister and Peach Schnapps plus cranberry juice.  I think i wanna order that.

I need to go out somewhere with 21+ people so i can scope out potential places to work, plus try out some drinks.  (Bartending makes mad money ‘cause drinks are so expensive -- thus tips are big -- but that of course is exactly why i don't wanna buy drinks.)  Really i could go anywhere except 21+ clubs since my <21 friends could just order a soda or something.

I own a lot of nice clothes, but business professional not so much.  And trying to find (a) blouses (b) dress pants (c) flat non-leather ankle boots [which okay are not exactly business attire but which i desire] that i like and that fit is difficult even leaving aside the price issue.

Fefe pointed out that a good suit will last me for ages and be used repeatedly, so $100 isn't all that obscene.  After some thought, i'm inclined to agree.  I still hate the idea of spending that much money on so few pieces of clothing.

I have learned this week that i weary of shopping after about an hour.

Massage class is still good.  We've started doing hands-on stuff and she also taught us practical stuff about the ways we use our bodies throughout the day (sitting, sleeping, one-handed activities, cars).  The first hands-on thing we did was an energy thing, which i was silently scoff-ful of, but you hold your hands at a distance from the supine person's head, close your eyes, move your hands in, and stop when you feel resistance.  She said we wouldn't necessarily feel it the first time we tried it, and of course i had visions of not stopping until i hit my partner's ears, but i actually felt real resistance at a certain point, which was weird.  And then you open your eyes and note where your hands are and you do it again telling your partner to tell you to stop when they feel you too close, and my partner told me to stop at exactly the same point where i had stopped the first time.  So perhaps there is something to this.  Which given that technically there is all this energy in the human body isn't completely far-fetched.

With classes and supplies, i feel like i'm hemorrhaging money recently.  (This looks rather appealing.)  I'm understanding the appeal of this whole student loan grace period thing.

Caught Smackdown this Thursday for the first time in ages.  Like any soap opera, it was easy to catch up on what the current storylines are even having not watched it in months.

JLB was bashing ECW for being all gimmick, saying wrestling is no longer "pure sport," and my immediate reaction was that hello, that's what WWE does -- and what makes it its money.  I think of ECW's gimmick being all the violence, lack of rules, bringing in objects to the fights, but what JBL actually said was something like "You give these guys a gimmick and a kendo stick and call them superstars [i forget his exact word] but it's trash."  It's the heels who are protesting the ECW invasion but still, i always find it interesting when WWE does plotlines bashing things about itself.  I want people to do cultural analyses of pro-wrestling.  Partly because i don't have the brainpower to do them myself.  But of course i want people to do my kind of cultural analysis, not just the "Lo it is evil" critiques that currently get done of it.

In other WWE news, Heidenreich is apparently no longer a big scary.  He picked up some scrawny redheaded girl from the audience, and she was all excited, and of course she said she was from Edmonton (where they were that night) and he read her a poem about how "anyone who isn't my friend is my enemy" or something like that, but it wasn't accompanied by all the creepiness he had when he first showed up and accosted people and read them his whacked-out poetry and she got to be in his corner for his match (which lasted all of about 90 seconds).  I was thinking about how i hadn't seen Undertaker all broadcast (though according to the official site, he's still a Smackdown superstar, and won his Wrestlemania match back in April) and about having guys who might seem like Bad Guys from an outsider perspective as Good Guys and vice versa.

In shallower TVness:
TVGuide [June 5-11 Hits and Misses (Susan Stewart) gives Tuesday's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy a 9/10:
Making the world a better–as well as a better-groomed–place, Queer Eye returns to beautify five Boston Red Sox players and rebuild a Little League field damaged by a Florida hurricane.  The Sox bear everything (except a painful back-waxing) bravely.  "I am now gay," first baseman Kevin Millar announces from a rose-petal foot bath.  He's not, but Carson compensates, flitting around the bases at an exhibition game,.  There's too much chat about corporate sponsorship as the Fab Five help out the Little Leaguers, but when Johnny Damon gets foil highlights, you know that Queer Eye still has its eye on the ball.
Boston Pride is this weekend and next weekend.  I'm kinda tempted to go to this:
June 11, Saturday
    Pride Interfaith Worship Service
    Old South Church in Copley Square in Boston
    10 a.m.
    Rep Jarrett Barrios will be delivering a sermon and the Rev. Norm Kansfield will be receiving the Interfaith Pride Coalition's Annual Award.

Reminder: graduation party at my house this Saturday. [And by "this Saturday" i mean "Next Saturday, June 11." Oops.]

And for any area peoples who didn't read behind the cut, i'd love volunteers to scope out bars with me as i seek employ.  (You don't have to be 21+ to accompany me.)

Oh, and i think i'm gonna go to Laughing Wild this coming Thursday (provided there are still tickets, of course).  Last call for accompaniment.
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