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(Aww, “Journal entries: 2,000” looks so pretty on my userinfo i almost don’t wanna update.)

At Sears i found a black suit for a decent (read: under $100) price. My mother even paid for it -- an investment in getting me out of the house :) Now if only i could find white blouses that aren’t ¾ length sleeves. Will try Macy’s and Filene’s this Monday since i’ll be in the area for Liability Certification anyway.

Firefly on sale for $29.99 (plus free shipping), plus i had a $10 gift certificate. I win at life.

(You can also tell Amazon you wanna be notified when Serenity comes out on DVD.)

I made a wishlist, mostly just transfering my list of Whedonverse philosophy books, though looking at Amazon recs etc. i found even more nonfiction books. Plus of course i wishlisted the Angel DVDs. Think i might add CDs, too.

Perm accounts get 100 icons now.

My mom and i are going to Laughing Wild this Thursday.

My brother graduates high school tomorrow.
Tags: lj: usericons, shopping: clothes, wishlist

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