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"Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth."

My brother and i spent a good 2 hours on webtender.com Saturday night.  He had been flipping through my DrinkMaster book and joked that with all the crazy drink names that exist, you could probably order a "laundry basket."  Well, we couldn't find that one, but there is a fruit basket and a royal laundry.  Having looked at a lot of the drink names that come up when you plug in things like Jager and 151, he also thinks there should be a "bowling ball to the nuts."  So now he has to figure out what they would contain so once he's of age he can come into my bar and order them :)

He also decided he should create a drink called Hell's Face or Face of Satan, and he actually came up with a recipe for that one:
In a shot glass:
1 oz - Jack Daniels
½ oz - cherry or strawberry liqueur
1 oz - grenadine
Fill with 7-up

Some of the drink names seem rather ridiculous to me, like a '57 Chevy with a White License Plate is just vodka and white chocolate liqueur.

The variations on Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker, Satan's Piss, Battering Ram, Brain Damage, and Passed Out Naked on the Bathroom Floor all seem appropriate, though.

I'm weirded out that the Purple Elastic Thunder Fuck uses expensive versions of various alcohols.  I mean, we use the cheap stuff for Long Island Ice Teas, and people actually drink those things for the taste.

We learned variations on the Screwdriver up to a Sloe Comfortable Screw Against The Wall but lo, one can go further: Sloe Comfortable Screw Against The Wall With Satin Pillows The Hard Way.

Event Horizon looks yummy.  I'd have to be at a restaurant kind of bar for them to have mint chocolate chip ice cream on hand, though.

hedy, look :)

I've been flipping through Raising the Bar: better drinks, better entertaining (Nick Mautone, 2004).  Since it's designed for home entertaining, i have to do division to figure out what it would be in a single glass.  Plus the recipes aren't done like they are for bar recipes, wherein you list ingredients in approximately the order you add them -- which, except for quirky things like the Old-Fashioned, is liquor and liqueur followed by mix (juice, soda, etc.) followed by garnish.  His Mojito, for example, lists rum as the second-to-last ingredient.

One of the drinks is Silver Bullet -- a martini with a dash of Scotch on top "which adds a mellowing hint of smokiness."  That actually looks kind of appealing.  (Have i mentioned that a Bone Dry Martini is just 2 ½ ounces of gin or vodka in a pretty glass with a garnish?)

The author writes, "A martini is not a martini is not a martini without at least a drop of vermouth" (73) to which of course my immediate response was, "Have you not heard of a Bone Dry Martini?"  Interestingly, he later (204) includes a recipe for a White Chocolate Martini which is vanilla vodka and white chocolate liqueur in a cocktail glass.  I guess flavored martinis don't count.

Browsing Tiffany thanks to antheia, i found the most expensive ring i have ever seen.  I am irked that the website doesn't tell you how many carats the diamonds you're looking at are.

Flipping through my brother's yearbook, i saw in the superlatives the "Ideal Husband & Wife" are two guys -- one in a halter top dress with a floral bouquet.  This makes me happy.  I'm sure it's a joke, but the fact that they're down with joking like/about that makes me happy.

NHS had a bright sunny day for graduation the first time in ages.  Personally i could have done without the temps verging on 90 and will be glad to see this cold front come.  There were almost no traditional humanities majors -- two English and one History.  A bunch of journalism, visual/performing/musical arts, criminal justice/international affairs/etc., and so on.  The way the commencement exercises work is, they read your name, people clap/cheer, Mr. U. says where you're going after NHS.  Two are going into the armed forces, which prompted a second clap/cheer for each of them, which i thought was interesting.  One is going to college in Venezuela, which prompted a murmur.  One's going into massage therapy, and one's going to Boston Bartending in the fall.  Joe DeGeorge is deferring his biotechwhatever major at Clark a year to tour with Harry and the Potters.

No one who knows me will ever ask me to give a commencement type address.  Dr. Q. gave the same advice he gives every year: to get to know your parents as people, saying you'll be surprised at what nice people they are.  I adore my parents and this part of his speech has never fazed me before, but coming as it did on the heels of my father mentioning a graduate whose parents' breakup was really rough for him, i thought, "But what if your parents aren't good people?"  And throughout the speeches, there was much "This class is so wonderful blahdyblah" and hi, there are amazing kids in every class, and there are shitty kids in every class, and there are a lot of medium kids, and there are kids who are just doing the amazing stuff to get somewhere better, and there are kids doing lots of amazing stuff that you don't even know about.  Plus, Dr. Q. said he doesn't remember what the speaker said when he graduated, and he doubted the graduates seated here would remember what he said either, but he still talked for 10 minutes.  This irked me.

So here's what i would give as a high school commencement address. 
Well, you've made it.  And really, that's the important part.  More than all the ceremony involved, the important thing you will take with you is a diploma that means you have a prayer of making more than minimum wage all your life.  And as a less tangible thing, you have survived high school -- which also means you survived junior high, which is often tougher.  Some of you had a wonderful time here and will continue to cultivate the friendships you made.  Others of you can't wait to flee and never see any of these people again.  And a lot of you fall somewhere in the middle.  That's okay.  High school is an important and formative time, but you've still got your whole lives ahead of you.  What and how much you choose to take with you from high school is your choice.

As you go off to college, to the armed forces, to the world of work or vocational training, or even back to your parents' house, you are turning into adults.  You will have more freedom and responsibility than you have ever had before.  Some of you are excited about this and some of you are scared, and most of you are some mixture of both.  Most of you have plans of some sort, some more intricate than others.  Some of you will actually succeed in fulfilling these plans.  There will be surprises along the way, some pleasant and some unpleasant.  You will encounter both successes and failures you wouldn't have anticipated sitting here today.

The best piece of advice i can give you is to be open to new possibilities.  Take your failures in stride, and be willing to drastically change your life plans.  Be open to ideas, people, and plans that might never have occurred to you before.  All this newness can be frightening, and the challenges will often be difficult, but the rewards can be greater than you would have imagined.

Catching up on su_herald i'm underwhelmed by the fic.  Le sigh.  ‘S not like i don't have pages of recs to check out anyhow.

I think if i were to have a Garden State icon, it would be a cap of her dancing in front of the fire, or of him playing with the necklace.
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