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I seem to have neglected to update for a while.

Am bartending the family reunion. The reunion will be at my grandparents’ house, and one of the attendees runs a liquor store. In an e-mail to said attendee (CCed to various) about the various kinds of liquor in stock at the house, my grandfather wrote, “It is my understanding that the co-managers of the affair are designating Elizabeth (athene_writer[punctuation redacted for spambots]Yahoo.com) the barkeeper; a recent graduate of Smith, her first post graduate course has been a week at a Barkeeping Course. Please feel free to consult with her.” ♥♥♥

On my way to Bar Code certification, i stopped at Macy’s since i had the time. It was hard to find blouses i liked that fit right, but i did find a nice blue one (iron-free cotton, too) and i also found two pairs of pants that actually hang the way i like them to, which is a near miracle. They were about $30/each, which i decided was okay as it’s so necessary that i get decent clothes. (And dude, this is Macy’s, so those were on Clearance.) “Will you be paying for that with a Macy’s card?” “No.” “If you get one, you save 40%.” “Sign me up.” So i actually paid less than $20/item. Much more my style.

After class on Monday, i checked out Filene’s. I was seduced by suits, evening gowns, and clubbing type tops, but i didn’t find any blouses, so in the end, no more money was spent. Came home and finally ordered my massage table. Which will apparently take 2-3 weeks to arrive. I really had meant to order it a couple weeks ago, but i have been enswamped. Le sigh. I shall persevere.

I’ve actually been wearing my suit pants (the ones i bought at Sears) recently, ‘cause they’re swishy and have pockets, making them a win over jeans or my long skirts, and they hang better than i remember, which is happifying.

I’ve been noticing all the business professional dressed women i pass in Boston, noticing what kinds of shirts they’re wearing. Have so far restrained myself from stopping someone and saying, “Where did you get that blouse?”

I am mostly underwhelmed by Raising the Bar -- partly i’m just not a hostess -- but i do like the “Lava Flow” -- a piña colada onto which you pour grenadine. I should have scanned the picture; it looks like a science project.

I saw Eternal Sunshine... and when she’s making drinks for them i was trying to figure out what ingredients she was using from the bottles. I don’t feel confident enough in my knowledge to actually apply for jobs yet (though people should totally come scope out bars with me) but i am such a dork.

[And because you’re all going to ask, i didn’t actually like Eternal Sunshine... all that much. I wanted to like Clementine, but i didn’t, and we have nothing to go on for Joel. We know i’m a big ole completionist, so of course i’m already opposed to the idea of erasing memories, even bad memories, and i just wasn’t particularly moved by any of it. And yes of course i was reminded of the Angel plot device. Near the end, i was reminded of Sliding Doors.]

“Does the dingo feel sympathy for the slow-moving Australian baby?” -Two and a Half Men

Monday night there was a marathon, and i think we might have been a bit punchy as we kept having hysterical fits. The last one was the gay one. I don’t think i need to say anything more.

I saw Mr. Carver on the train in to Boston on Tuesday. Everyone keeps asking where i see myself in 10 years (ideally). I guess they figure this is a less stressful question than “How’s the job search going?” but dude, i have lots of ideas and am really not all that interested in working toward a future goal other than getting an apartment and a steady job.

Mr. Carver mentioned teaching, and i said i think i don’t have the patience. He said he doesn’t see me that way -- as impatient and bitchy (his phrase) -- that he sees me as cool, calm, collected, able to handle anything.

Oh, amusing story. I was out walking with my brother and someone drove past and my brother went to check his mirrors to see if he recognized the people. He said he sometimes goes to check his blindspot when he’s walking as well.

I’ve been tagged twice for that Your Top X Songs of the Moment meme. This surprises me ‘cause i’m such a “music, what?” kind of girl.

daryllang writes, “On blogs, as in the rest of the world, we get used to reading about music we’ve never heard of, and probably never will hear of. It’s a statement of cool to make obscure music references that only people who are into the same kind of music will pick up. [...] I certainly don’t mean to pick on anybody for this – In the last few days, I’ve mentioned acts as irrelevent as Wolf Parade and Glenn Frey. [...] Here’s a proposal. Make a list of your six favorite songs that everyone has heard of. It’s surprisingly hard.”

I, of course, skew the sample when it comes to “everyone.” As offbalance put it: See, most of us live with pop culture. You run into it every few months or so. ;)

mrissa started a 3 things you like about your body meme, ‘cause we all get so self-deprecatory.
1. My legs are strong and get me where i’m going and they look good in appropriately cut pants.
2. I have long fingers
3. I have good skin. It doesn’t break out, it’s not overly greasy or dry, and it tans nicely.
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