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The lightning is less appealing when it is bursts of white light out your peripheral vision when you are lying in bed. I kept thinking of how it was so easy to imagine them to be atomic bombs or spaceships or whatever, and how that was a very Emma thing to do.

Speaking of Emma, in an e-mail Wednesday night i said i hadn’t gotten any interviews this week, and then the next morning 2 staffing firms i had contacted that night called me back. And another one Friday afternoon. I feel like by the end of the summer i’ll have dealt with every staffing firm in Boston. I’d guess half the office work postings on craigslist lead you to a staffing firm.

Thursday i was up at Faneuil Hall and checked out Ann Taylor Loft. I got a nice white camisole, though i decided i wasn’t desperate enough to pay $34/each for short sleeved white button-up blouses.

I think all these people who keep telling me “Store X has great/cheap blouses” need to actually come shopping with me and show me what exactly they’re thinking of.

P.S. Charter Club iron-free cotton is a lie.

My mom and i went to Laughing Wild on Thursday and went to Legal Sea Foods for dinner beforehand. I realized that i don’t wanna order mixed drinks if i can’t watch them make it. I am such a dork.

It’s Pride Week, so as we walked along Tremont i enjoyed pointing out the rainbow flag/paraphernalia in the window of almost every store.

The play wasn’t quite as hysterical as i recall it being from when i read it years ago, but definitely very good. And a live performance does add something to it. I need to get some Durang out from the library to reread.

“My Scotch is Dewar’s White Label,” the Woman says.
“That’s a quality Scotch,” i whisper, thinking of bartending class.
“I agree,” whispers the man next to me.

Y’all should go. (It runs through June 26.) The cheap seats are $14, and the Wimberly is a fairly small space, so there are no bad seats.

P.S. Debra Monk was in Jeffrey! That means Joe is 3 degrees of separation from Patrick Stewart :) (2 if he’s actually met Debra.)

The end of July (27-31), Shakespeare East is doing Hal Harry Henry -- Richard II, Henrys IV-VI, and Hamlet, all in 90 minutes (including an intermission) -- at the Calderwood. Tix are $25. Am thinking Kate and/or Joe needs to see this with me.

It occurs to me that i really am a nice person. I was reading a piece in Newsweek, and the painting with broad brushstrokes and name-calling and so on frustrates me not just because i know it doesn’t promote actually accomplishing your goals but also because it’s just an inherently bad thing to do. I hate people, but i honestly don’t actually wanna be mean to people. Annihilate some of them from existence? Sure. But not actually be mean to them.

I would, however, kill my mother’s colleagues if i had her job. I would want to tell them, “Your inability to do your job is interfering my ability to do mine. Get out.” Since i’m nowhere near that assertive/confrontational in actuality i would probably start desperately seeking a new job and quit as soon as humanly possible.

Cat said, “I just realized that when I go back to Smith, you won't be there. And there won't be someone to hate people and non sexually molest me.” Story of my life. This is where the soundtrack of my life starts playing, “Please come to Boston...” :)

I started reading Chesterton’s Orthodoxy again. He says some good stuff and he says some stuff well, but so often i find myself rolling my eyes (which i suppose is better than wanting to shake him, which was a frequent occurrence during my reading of the first 4 chapters) or just being confused.

dorrie6 posted the following in response to a discussion about what is next for the Firefly universe if the movie is successful:
Serenity Cast/Crew

Posted: 08 Jun 2005 12:09 am

What next? Interesting question. I see an epic Serenity adventure told in woodcuts, then a Jayne/Wesley crossover done in a series of haiku left in small wooden bowls to float down the Seine... Finally an interpretive dance (ya GOTTA have an interpretive dance!) about Mal's personal hygene that becomes an opera/ miniseries starring Sean Bean as "Odor".

That's just one man's vision.

But here's another. It rests on a lot of factors that I can't control, and some that I'll try my damnedest to. God knows you guys are doing your part. I call it BIG DAMN SEQUEL.

And THEN the interpretive dance.

We'll talk soon... -joss.
When the second screening came out, it irked me that people were going a second time since tickets were in short supply, but when rumors of the third screening came about, having seen the movie i understood the desire to see it again. I really hope those people who are buying up large blocks of tickets actually have people they’re going to see it with already established, because screwing people out of tickets “just in case” is terribly poor form.

gi_jules writes, “35 cities? It's starting to look like a limited-to-wide release spread out over months. ”
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