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on bras

I finally decide i might actually invest in real bras and the same day i read a collection of articles in the May/June 2005 issue of spirit of change (New England’s Holistic Magazine) claiming that wearing bras is linked to breast cancer and fibrocystic disease.

Apparently bras restrict the lymph flow in your breasts and can cause toxins to build up. And it heats up your breasts which is apparently linked to assorted badness. And something about higher levels of prolactin. I found the bladyblah about Westernized vs. non cultures problematic, because when a culture Westernizes there are so many things that change and could lead to increased rates of cancer/disease.

[[ “Breasts don’t need support to be held up in the air. That’s not what thousands of years of evolution did to the female body,” says Sidney Ross Singer, medical anthropologist in Why Bras Cause Breast Cancer. ]]

My immediate reaction is to wonder about the people for whom not wearing a bra is just plain painful. The articles mostly don’t deal with this, though one cites a 5-year clinical study on large-breasted women who had shoulder pain in which they tried going bra-less for a 2-week period and apparently it alleviated their pain.

I’d have to research all their medical citations to actually have a reasoned opinion on the whole thing. And some of it is troubling from the get-go. Another study “did not take into account other lifestyle factors.” And one writer writes, “The lypmphatic system in the breast only develops fully during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so women who wear bras everyday and postpone having children, and those who do not breastfeed, could be at higher risk of breast cancer.” So you’re saying that not having kids ups my risk of breast cancer? Raise your hand if you find that problematic.

On a more practical note, bra shopping continues to irk me. When i was up at Faneuil Hall, i checked out Victoria’s Secret and grr. Why do bras come with so much padding/“lining”? especially the larger cup sizes; i mean, is there not enough boobage there already?

I just want a little support (not an inch-wide band), a bit of material to contain the boobs, and straps to hold them up. And front-fastening would be particularly lovely. Perky breasts, not body armor. I’m considering looking into bikini tops. (Though since i’m lazy, i’ll probably just wear a camisole under my clothes. Especially ‘cause during the summer who needs more stuff sticking to them anyhow?)
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