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The joint graduation party went well.

People came and stayed lengthy amounts of time. A couple of my friends showed up, and a good number of my brother’s friends showed up (the latter being a surprise to all). Food was good. My mother has started telling people who ask about my quirky plans (bartending and massage school) “it’s all fodder for the novel” (tm Britta) so now people ask me if i really am writing a novel. *sighs*

[Edit: So, in looking through craigslist, i keep seeing positions i think i would be qualified for posted by PSG. Now, i'm registered with them, so shouldn't i be getting calls about these? I e-mail the woman tonight and get an AutoReply saying she's out of the office June 6-13. Now, shouldn't i have been told about that? Grr.]

The best gift of the day was probably my Firefly DVDs arriving. Including the cards that came by mail, i’ve gotten $305, so that was pretty hot, too (and made me feel better about the state of my bank account). Plus Tim&Carla got me a nice bouquet of flowers, and Heather gave me a nice bookmark (flat metal, moon, says “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -Edith Wharton”) and also gave me the best card. It says “Congratulations, graduate! Don’t let anything stop you! Reach for the stars!” on the front and has a chipmunk stretching up; then inside it says “Okay, they’re walnuts. But reach, damn you. Reach!!”

The Poussaints’ gift [to me; my brother got an ipod shuffle] came in a Tiffany’s box, which with the ribbon obscuring the logo i wouldn’t have realized prior to opening had my mother not explained it to me. (Tiffany’s has a signature color? Total news to me.) I thought it was a joke, because Tiffany’s is anathema second only to DeBeers (DeBeers wins with the “make six months salary last forever” diamond commercials, but Tiffany’s is a close second with the obnoxious Audrey Hepburn movie) but then i opened it. And okay i searched the online catalog and as Tiffany’s necklaces go, this was actually sanely priced [this, for example, is attractive and classy, but not a sane price] but... i’m not Tina. It’s the one that has a lowercase letter as a pendant. Heather has one, and hers actually looks nice, but a lowercase (script) “e” just looks like a little loopy thing (see). I would have much preferred a check for the cost of the necklace, and if Tiffany’s will give me anything without a receipt it would be store credit which is of course of no help to me.

In other news:

Online shopping, i think the closest to what i want is push-up bras, but from trying on bras and looking at the models in the online catalogs, i think one problem is that bras just aren’t made the way i want them to fit. I want them to literally cup the bottom half of my boob -- starting where it stops being chest and starts being boob. I feel like that’s how i used to wear sports bras (back in like 7th grade when i used to wear bras) but trying to wear real bras that way doesn’t seem to work, and from what i can glean from catalog pictures it’s not how they’re intended to work. Not wearing a bra doesn’t hurt, so i think i’m just gonna wear camisoles under my see-through-y shirts.

Continuing my trend, i was underwhelmed by Saved!. I mean, it’s not a bad movie, but i remember it getting raves and it’s just not that awesome.

Go discuss “Restless” over in Kate’s journal.
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