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"Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly."

That’s currently on the front lawn sign of UCN, and i approve.

It was occurring to me later last night that one of my big problems with Saved! was the lack of textual engagement. Like when one person said of the gay issue, “It’s not a grey area,” i wanted the other person to say something like “Yes it is” and start pulling out texts, but instead he said, “It’s all a grey area.” I mean, i know it’s a wide-appeal movie and part of the point is that everyone’s just throwing around rhetoric and not really thinking about it, and at least no one on either side quotes Bible.

The “Town Meeting” was rather lame. Basically it was a luncheon with a pre-dessert interlude in which the heads of various committees talked about what they were doing. At the end, PB asked if anyone else had anything they wanted to say or ask, and i kinda wanted to suggest rotating lay readers (i never did find out to whom i was supposed to mail that piece of paper) but have we mentioned how i’m lazy/avoidant/nonconfrontational? Plus it was hot and humid and dessert was sitting on the center table.

During the service, PB reminded us of when it was 44 degrees in the sanctuary, and i shouted, “That was wonderful.” The heat has not made me miserable yet, though, which is impressive. I know summer is just beginning, but since i usually have my hate on for the hot and humid summers with statements like “it made me want to die” the fact that i’ve been uncomfortable but not miserable is rather impressive.

My brother and i went to Linens&Things and i learned that a company called TableCraft makes Restaurant Classic housewares, so you can have stuff in your home like they have in restaurants and bars. Other neat inventions (from other companies) include ice cube trays in the shape of tubes -- so you can put them in water bottles.

My grandma got rid of a white dress, which fits me and which i’m actually willing to wear, so i now have the option to participate in Alumnae Parade if i so choose.

I had my dad explain the washing machine to me (i’d never really looked at it before -- in part because it’s behind all sorts of stuff -- so i hadn’t realized that it actually does a lot of self-explanation, though i was still glad i had my dad’s explanation) so tonight i did laundry for the first time on a real washing machine (the ones in Smith basements aim to be super-idiot-proof). I may yet leave home with actual skills.

My brother’s leaving the Boston area for the Troy, NY area in a few months to go to college (RPI), so he’s been looking into new cellphone plans ‘cause roaming charges are evil. He can’t find what he wants in a reasonably priced single-user plan, but if he got a Family Plan with me he could get what he wants for what he’s currently paying. And i’ve been thinking about getting a cell phone for some months now since it would be nice to have a permanent (non-land-line) phone number given that once i move out i’m not likely to stay in my first apartment for years and years (and who knows what the Internet phone line situation will be like). Plus with job interview stuff now, it would be really useful to be reachable even when i’m not at home.

This is the Cingular plan. We can also get the exact same thing from Verizon except the Verizon activation fee is a couple bucks higher, and Cingular has roll-over (though we probably wouldn’t have much in the way of surplus minutes anyhow). And my brother currently has Cingular, but switching shouldn’t be a big deal. So the decision will likely come down to the breakdown of our friends because on top of the regular minutes and the free nights&weekends, we get free mobile-to-mobile (read: it’s free to call any cell phone that’s on the same network). So, a poll.

Poll #511845 cell phone family plan

Weigh in with your opinion on what i (and my brother) should do.

I have a Cingular cell phone. You should get Cingular.
I have a Cingular cell phone. You should not get Cingular.
I have a Verizon cell phone. You should get Verizon.
I have a Verizon cell phone. You should not get Verizon.
I do not have a Cingular or Verizon cell phone. You should get Cingular.
I do not have a Cingular or Verizon cell phone. You should get Verizon.
I do not have a Cingular or Verizon cell phone. You should get something I will explain in a comment.
I do not have a Cingular or Verizon cell phone. I do not know what you should get.
You should not get a cell phone.
These options are insufficient, so I am answering in a comment.
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