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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Yes, i'm still online while my family packs or something.

An e-mail from my dad:
Click here: Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure
This is hardly a new thought, but it sounds a hell of a lot like the southern slave-owner asserting that his darkies are happy, that freeing them would be unnatural and actually make things worse, and that people who think otherwise just don't understand.

An interesting Reason article my dad e-mailed me.

And one more e-mail from my dad:
Click here: Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/19/2002 | Foes of 'green' power: Environmentalists
One thing that has always bothered me is people arguing in favor of some kind of power generation and pretending it has no environmental impacts. EVERY kind has some. Like so much else, it's a matter of the individual costs and benefits.

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