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The Graduate (1967)

I know a lot of people aren't fans of The Inside, so for some balance, here's my take on something a lot of people do like -- The Graduate.

[I will say that i learned i like Simon & Garfunkel.]

I kept thinking Garden State.  They must have taken their cue from this film for the opening.

Benjamin is depressed.  He drifts.  He doesn't really have ideals.  ("You're not one of them agitators are you?"  "No sir.")  I liked Elaine, and i could see her liking Benjamin maybe, but they have one date and they're in love?  And then he's stalking her and she's involved with another guy but she drops this solid guy for this crazy guy she had one date with.  And i'll accept her accepting Benjamin's explanation of what happened with her mother, and i already accepted her being okay with him having an affair with a married woman, but isn't she just a little bit squicked by the relationship having been with her mother?

And then the ending is such a cop-out.  Okay, so they're on a bus.  Eventually they're gonna have to get off.  Elaine's gonna have to have her marriage annulled.  Is she gonna go back to college?  Certainly at least one of them is gonna have to find a job.  Benjamin seemed to have loads of disposable income (even if Mrs. Robinson paid for the hotel that whole summer, he was still paying for that apartment in Berkeley) but eventually it's gonna run out even if it is independently his own and his parents can't cut him off.

We got the DVD and watched the Documentary.  DH had previously been in a play called Harry Noon and Night in which he played a crippled German transvestite.  Could i have seen that instead?

IMDb trivia claims the movie is full of womb imagery.  I'm not sure i buy this, but there is some other interesting trivia:
  • In Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft's first encounter in the hotel room, Bancroft did not know that Hoffman was going to grab her breast. Hoffman decided offscreen to do it, because it reminded him of schoolboys trying to nonchalantly grab girls' breasts in the hall by pretending to put their jackets on. When Hoffman did it onscreen, director Mike Nichols began laughing loudly offscreen. Hoffman began to laugh as well, so rather than stop the scene, he turned away from the camera and walked to the wall. Hoffman banged his head on the wall, trying to stop laughing, and Nichols thought it was so funny, he left it in.
  • In the famous promotional still for this film, Dustin Hoffman is seen in the background framed by Mrs. Robinson's shapely leg. The leg in that photo didn't belong to Anne Bancroft, however; it belonged to a then-unknown model, Linda Gray.
  • Linda Gray, the then-unknown actress whose legs appear in the promotional poster for the movie, Mrs. Robinson, has played the title role in the musical stage version by the same name on the London stage.
And where do we know Linda Gray from?  All together now.  Hillary Michaels of Melrose Place and Models, Inc.  Okay, so i call WWFE my soap opera, but Models, Inc. is truly my soap opera.

After we watched the movie we watched the theatrical trailer.  Wow, way to give away every plot twist.
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