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look, a timely update

At the library today i got to chat with Jane whom i hadn't seen since i graduated.  (I finally saw Terry a few days ago.)  And i got to see Joanne's pictures of their weekend at Margot's island.

Jane's husband suggested i work for Marian Walsh doing speechwriting type stuff since i was an English major.  Jane said she didn't think it would work ‘cause of our politics, ‘cause i'm so liberal.  I pointed out that it depends on the issues, that i feel really conservative at Smith and feel really liberal when i come back to Norwood.  Brendan mentioned John Rogers, and i said that would be a problem as i remember when he supported the anti-gay marriage bill and i hated that he was from my town.  Jane also says working for MW wouldn't pay very well.

I have an interview tomorrow to work for MTA Benefits.  It sounds much more up my alley than the Longwood Pediatrics receptionist position, so hopefully the fact that it's teacher union type stuff won't kill me.

Wrapping up this round of movies that i wouldn't have ever bothered seeing except that everyone seems to adore them is Lola rennt (Run Lola Run).  It's interesting (One of the opening epigraphs is from Eliot's "Little Gidding.") and shades of Sliding Doors of course, but i don't understand the mad love people have for it.

I don't know how many times i've gotten Elizabeth (1998) out from the library and ended up not having a chance to watch it.  I finally watched it today, though.  ‘Tis good, though not spectacular.

I started perusing Top Movies of All Time type lists online and it occurred to me to ask the flist which movies i should see.  Or perhaps more importantly, which ones i really shouldn't bother with.  I'm working on a list of both Movies I Should Have Seen and Movies That Look Enjoyable.  Odds are any movie you would put on the list i've forgotten to add.  Only slightly worse odds are that i've already seen and hate or really don't wanna see the movies you would put on the list, but you can totally try to make the case for why i should see/like your movie(s) of choice.

You can also tell me books to read -- fiction, nonfiction, classics, kids, YA, whatever -- but i'm better at finding books myself than i am movies.
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