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all part of the ineffable plan

I have so many entries from the past week bookmarked to respond to.

“I Have Decided” is an, interesting, song.

We currently hate TigerDirect

I apparently can’t get new glasses (same prescription as i currently have) without an eye exam because you’re supposed to have one every year (“for general eye health”). My last one was about 4 years ago -- the last time i needed a new prescription. Turns out i’m covered by my parents’ health insurance until September 30, though.

I still haven’t heard back about my MTA Benefits job. This upsets me greatly because the job seemed so perfect. I am not prospect-less, however, which is comforting.

I finally have my massage table.

I may have an Emma soon.

There’s a birthday shindig in NYC the night i turn 22 (Saturday, July 9). Am tempted to go in large part because i don’t yet have any plans of my own, and also of course because it’s been a while since i’ve seen my NYC people. Thoughts?

My grandparents’ air-conditioned 71F house in Maryland often felt chill (especially for sleeping with minimal bedding) and i spent a lot of comfortable time on the screened-in-porch, but now that i’m back in Massachusetts’ hot&humid i am so not a fan. Can’t pinpoint what the difference is, but i want my winter back.

One night in Maryland there were all these fireflies, and my instinctive reaction is still that they’re beautiful and breathtaking (though that green light seems so unnatural) but having read Darkest Desire: The Wolf’s Own Tale by Anthony Schmitz (1998) i always wince a little bit, because i remember its proposal that:
“The light of the firefly burns on the fuel of its aching soul. The soul seeks out the place where it might rest. When it finds that spot the light goes out forever. The firefly then dies.” (76)

If you were to make a gin&tonic, how would you make it? (type of glass, amount of gin)

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