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I have nothing to say about London.

The IMDb trivia for the Serenity movie? Totally includes a big ole spoiler. Am unclear as to why one would be clicking on the trivia for a movie you haven't seen yet anyway. I try to avoid checking sites like IMDb for movies i haven't seen period, since they often give away stuff in the summaries, and just a cast list can spoil the surprise that in fact two characters are the same person (or related, if the surnames match), etc.

I lurve ff_icons. And obsessiveicons. So pretty.

This includes an icon of a shot of Kaylee and Inara near each other that i haven’t seen iconned a million times before. Impressive, given how few shots there are of them together. I love this Firefly alphabet series -- spoilers for lots of episodes, so please don’t click unless you’ve seen the whole series (though i don’t think there are any from unaired episodes). And for anyone who’s interested, there are a slew of icons of Wolf from 10th Kingdom here.

sharpest_rose has started watching Firefly. The real reason she wins is because she has an Eternal Sunshine icon with an image i haven't seen a million times already.

It occurs to me that i rarely rec anything in my LJ, usually just stockpiling until i update my recs pages on the first of the month. This is particularly ironical because i bemoan the fact that nobody on my flist posts fic recs (well none i’m actually interested in reading anyway -- though of course right now my To Read list is about as tall as i am, even if we only count fanfic).

I think it's funny that the majority of slashers guessed Eddie's "secret" as Eddie being Dom's real father, while the majority of the smark boards are preparing to be up in arms about a gay angle.
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