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Given that i had never heard of Sharon Shinn or her Samaria books until i heard diadeloro rave about Archangel last year, i was surprised at how many responses i got to my post on the books.

sigrun wrote:
I've been saving up links for the past week, so it's time for yet another 'these people are so much more interesting than me' post.


hermionesviolin talks about Firefly (spoilers for the entire series). She's one of the smartest people in the sandbox so, if you're a Firefly fan, it's definitely worth a look. (Full disclosure: I actually haven't read the entire post as I'm still not done with the series, but hermionesviolin is consistently at the top of her game so I thought this warranted a rec anyways.)
I am terribly flattered, especially since we so frequently disagree (though really, who isn’t that true with?)

astrogirl2 has a great analogy on the fanfic vs. pro-fic debate:
Honestly, I do think being told, "You're a good writer, why on Earth are you wasting your time writing fan fiction when you could go pro?" misses the point just about exactly as much as "Honey, with your looks, why are you wasting your time fucking your boyfriend when you could get paid?"

And caras_galadhon’s metaphor for this cyclic debate makes me giggle:
It quickly wanders off into the usual "OMG, Fanfic is Teh Ev0lest!!111!" and we've all been down that well-worn, now-paved, two-lane-expanding-to-four footpath-cum-highway before

londonkds talks about how Star Trek: Voyager could have been a much darker, and a much more realistic, show.

And limyaael talks about how to keep your story coherent with limitations on magic. [Applies only to stories that actually use magic, obviously.]

Pretty pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg.

I keep watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and it keeps not being funny. This makes me sad.

Why do so many Oz(/Giles) stories include smoking pot? I mean, i guess taciturn guitarist could feel like stoner, but.... I’m not a fan of mind-altering drugs, so this makes me sad, as it does when a character smokes cigarettes. [I know cigarettes don’t come under mind-altering drugs, but i do think they’re foul.]
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