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affirmative decorating

I don't have a dry-erase board, but i do have a decorated door. I printed out "Start a Revolution... Stop Hating Your Body" and "Practice Guilt-Free Food Consumption" from One Angry Girl Designs and put them up on my door, along with my "If the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow" bumper sticker, the "You Go Grrls" poster my mom made for me, and a terribly girly and little kiddish "Free Hugs Available Inside" computer printout.

Inside my room i have 3 stuffed lizards on my computer, a plastic one on my phone, my stuffed blue faience hippopotamus, the wonderful vase Joanna decorated for me (both on my bookcase), and the lovely watercolor Maureen made for me (next to my bed).

Eventually my Escher hand drawing poster will go up above my desk.
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