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Reread HP Books 1-5.

Primarily for a better grounding with which to read fanfic (which is funny as for the longest time i wasn’t interested in reading more in the world besides the canon), as i had totally forgotten characters and plot points particularly from Book 5. I liked the books more the first time i read them. This time through by the time i was working on the third book i was having to force myself to keep reading. I’ve gotten used to thinking of Harry Potter as a closed canon universe, so the idea that there are still 2 books left feels strange to me. It took finishing rereading Book 5 to actually make me interested to see what the rest of the canon ends up like.

lasultrix talks about Order of the Phoenix being so much darker than the previous books. Rereading the books, i was frustrated that for so very long the ethics/morality of the world is so unshaded. Sure, authority figures can be misguided if not downright evil, stuff like that, but that’s par for the course. Snape is unreasonably vile, for instance, and it takes us until well through the fifth book to really understand why. And even with the talk about community and such, we are completely supposed to root for Gryffindor/our-plucky-trio to always triumph, regardless of anything. And gods i am sick of their love for Hagrid. Nice guy, sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to insist that he’s actually a good Magical Creatures Professor.

I’m curious as to what JKR’s idea on the whole house-elf thing is, because Hermione’s SPEW campaign is too hysterical to take seriously, and willing servitude is anathema to modern sensibilities but how are you supposed to respond to the fact that they really want to be doing what they’re doing and don’t want any more compensation than what they already get?

The not telling people things bugs me like whoa. And means i have much less love for Dumbledore this time round. And his insistence on the importance/value of telling Harry the truth at the end of Goblet of Fire makes so ridiculous/frustrating the fact that from the very beginning of Order of the Phoenix and all throughout Dumbledore insists upon Harry not knowing anything. Especially because he know how rash Harry is.

I have irrational fondnesses for certain characters. Almost none of the male characters particularly interest me. My ‘shipping interests and disinterests remain almost exactly the same as they were before my reread.

The big fandom pairings? So not my thing. Harry and Draco hate each other in a hate each other kind of way, not in a i-hate-you-i-hate-you-let’s-shag kind of way. There are touches of Ron/Hermione around the middle Book 5, but for the most part i don’t think there’s anything in canon that particularly says they’re gonna get together (beyond the fact that they’re all best friends and of course Harry is gonna end up tragically alone/dead so that leaves Hermione and Ron). Sirius/Remus? I’m more likely to see Sirius/James, though it isn’t entirely out of the question.

Rereading Book 3, i have love for Lupin from the get-go.

And can i take a moment to say that i don’t like Sirius all that much?

I prefer the Hermione who lives in my head to the Hermione of canon, at least for the first three or four books.

While i was reading Goblet of Fire i read something about the bit about how Draco could have gone to Durmstrang save that his mother wanted him close to home. I think it was in the context of AU fic potential or something. Anyway, so then i actually got to that part in the book and once i read it it stuck in my head and yeah, i am a sick sick lady. Trying to search for this latest kink, though? Gets me Lucius/Draco. Dude, why is fandom all about the penises? (Further searching gets me het-incest of the variety possible with Order of the Phoenix canon. And the Draco/Narcissa i did find was dirtybadwrong in not the ways i was looking for -- save Amberina’s “Sweets from Mummy,” which at moments really nails it.)

I have not so much as touched HP6:HBP yet, so no spoilers whatsoever allowed in the comments.
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