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HP6: after beginning to read reactions

Okay, the more i read reactions, the more i think Snape really is on Dumbledore's side the whole time.  However, i madly disagree with this whole "Not making Snape evil is a copout" thing, because the uber-vile-ization of Snape has been one of JKR's biggest failings as a writer, to my mind.  It just seems over-the-top, and without any real explanation.  (Snape's Worst Memory in Book5 sold it for me, but that was 4 and a half books in.)  Plus, we are always encouraged to think that Harry's right -- something affirmed by the DA helping save the day at the end of Book 6.

Also, dude, i think i have to stop reading reactions.  I honestly didn't think the book was all that good on the whole, it didn't give me great faith in JKR, the more i read the more dissatisfied i am with the book... i read tons of fanfic, largely HP this past week, and i felt a bit ashamed because usually when i binge on fanfic it's because i have such love for the source text, but JKR creates such potential and a lot of fanfic capitalizes on that.  But as i sink further and further into not being a fan of Book6, i don't even want to read fanfic for the fandom -- it makes me feel like i have a weight in my gut or something.  And i certainly have no interest in fanfic coming out of this particular installment of canon.

I do want to know what my friends thought of the book, though, so i suppose i will persevere, because i am an obsessive completionist.
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