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RPI Boston Alum group invited my bro to a day trip to Cochituate State Park.  The girl in the website picture looks so much like my mom's boss's daughter.

Notable slips of the tongue/ear/brain this weekend:
sacrum != scrotum
redonkulous != donkey ass
gesticulate != germinate

Meme from traces:
Including you people who read but never comment.

Comment With:
Your Name, Location, A little blurb about yourself and A Photo.

My answer:
Elizabeth S.
whitebread suburb south of Boston

obsessive completionist, textually oriented, queers everything that moves, problematizes everything, insists on respectful dialogue and also consistency, and because traces reminded me: notsosekritly destined to become a reference librarian (she phrased it as, "my most reliable resource when i'm at a loss for oh-whatchamacallit!!" 'cause she rox like that)


Oh, and fannish thing i forgot to mention, watching "Shindig" Jonah asked if Mal/Kaylee was popular in fandom (a frequent topic of conversation recently has been 'ship trends in various fandoms).  It was funny because i don't think i ever thought of pairing them until well after the first time i saw the series, though i've seen it a bunch recently.  *cough*musesfool*cough*

I've decided that Inara/Kaylee is for me like Buffy/Faith is for Allie -- a pairing that you really like but that no one seems to write the way you want them to.

"As the industry struggles to redefine the paradigm of the movie business," [Universal's co-president of marketing, Eddie] Egan said, "and what makes people go to movies or avoid them, a piece of text on a Web page sold out theaters."
-from "Whedon flock ready for 'Firefly' resurrection" (Yahoo News)

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