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The Brothers Grimm (2005, Terry Gilliam, upcoming)

I think i heard about this movie a while back and was not excited, but the synopsis made it sound like it might not suck (yay weaving in fairy tales!), and then i watched the trailer and i was sold.

Little Red Riding Hood!


huh, blonde LRRH is unusual

Is that a castle she’s running to? Okay, it’s definitely a cottage. But still, one hell of a cottage.

The Grimms as superheroes? You’ve got to be kidding me? This extreme out-of-character-ness is gonna kill any possible enjoyment of the movie for me.

Oh, they’re frauds. So it’s like Anthony Schmitz’s Darkest Desire: The Wolf’s Own Tale. Rawk.

“People always knew the forest was enchanted. But it’s never turned against us.”
This reminds me that we never did see The Village. (Yes, i’ve heard mixed things about it. No, you cannot spoil plot elements for me without the result being your death at my hands.)

gender! tee!

Anna Valerious!

There is gonna be so much Grandmother Toad fic, huh?

“Don’t trust the trees”

[Also, “trust” was such an Irish accent. Odd.]

Sidenote: IMDb trivia:
A newspaper once ran a television listing of this film in a morbid note: "A young girl awakens in an alien landscape to discover she has accidentally killed a woman. She later conspires with three strangers to kill again."

“From Acclaimed Director Terry Gilliam”
Time Bandits!

“You were nearly eaten by a tree.”
And again i think of Emma.

Wow, Elizabeth Bathory.

I kept thinking “two guys and a girl, one of the guys has to end up dead, but they won’t,” and then in my third viewing of the trailer i connected the “we’ll find your sister(s?)” line. Le sigh. Hopefully the double marriage at the end won’t suck too badly.

“We can give it a happy ending.”
I like that line, since it’s all about manipulating stories.

Also, the posters so win.

They co-opted The Teddy Bears Picnic for a hot girl in red with a crossbow, in the scary woods (note creature in the background, not to mention the general twistiness) next to a man(?) wrapped in furs with a raven on his hand. Rawk.

“And they lived happily ever after” with two upside down gremlin looking things. Brill.

“Who’s the fairest of them all?” Disney standard dark hair and long fingernails, with bonus cleavage, and the red dress pairs her nicely with the heroine (do i even wanna make the “mirror” pun).

“This isn’t the way to Grandmother’s house.” Graveyard!

And of course i’m indifferent to the posters featuring scruffy versions of supposedly hot young men.
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