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Hey look, a real entry.

Okay, quick introduction to my life at current. Returning Smith sophomore, living in a single in Lamont house, currently taking 6 classes, on which i have spent just over $400 for texts.

RUS 126 Readings in 19th Century Russian Literature: Alienation and the Search for Identity (12 books) MWF 9-9:50am
ENG 263 Romantic Poetry and Prose (9 books) MWF 10-10:50am
CLS 227 Classical Mythology (9 books) TTh 9-10:20am
PHI 236 Linguistic Structures (1 book) TTh 10:30-11:50am
ENG 269 Modern British Poetry (8 books and a reader) TTh 1-2:30pm
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (4 books) TTh 3-4:50/4:20pm

I have attended the first class of all of them, and while nothing has made me fall in love yet, neither do i want to drop any of them. (Though i can’t really make a judgement on Romantic Poetry and Prose because Pat Skarda was absent so we watched a weird video on William Blake.)

I was looking through the course catalog tonight, to see what i could take to fulfill the evil “Two courses before 1832” English major requirement. There are 4, maybe 6, Smith classes which fulfill it. My Romantic Poetry and Prose class is one of them. Woot. Another one which fulfills it is The 18th-Century Novel. Not exactly my first choice, but it’s taught by Doug Patey. And really, those are the magic words to get me to take a class.

I’ve been somewhat nonsocial, but not really any more than i usually am. I feel kinda like a first-year again, with so many of the people i knew gone and so many new people. Lots of transfer students, actually. But i've been getting to know the new people, and mostly they seem really cool.

Tuesday night i visited with Layna (and her friend Lisa, who’s back from Australia). When i came back, there was a note on my door from Ria down the hall (215). I had no dry erase board, so i was impressed that she actually wrote a note and taped it to my door. I love your fucking door man. You rock! So of course i had to go down and say Hi. I ended up talking to her and her roommate Furu for over an hour. Very cool.

Tonight i got to be the first person to use Layna’s duct tape, to put up the dry erase board Rebecca left me because i finally found it in the trunk room today. *GRIN* I also put my Buffy poster up on my closet door. Sophie (a first-year who’s in my old room) walked by and said, “You like Buffy?” We share a total love of the show. Yay. (And Sharon, she thought last season was great.)

My bed is below a window which overlooks the front of the house, so it’s been fun talking to people who are down in front of the house.

I got my friend Jonah a LiveJournal. He was reading mine and loved it and wanted one of his own. He chose a really boring name. Sigh. Is it a boy thing to choose boring names? Or conversely, is it a girl thing to care a lot and invest your usernames with great thought and meaning? (And of course, he hasn’t updated it yet, but he just started the school year, too.)

Convocation was okay. It seemed better last year. Some of the incessant “diversity” talk makes me squirm, but i’m just not up for a lengthy post nitpicking everything about the ceremony. Especially because few people would care anyway. Mostly it was fun. The story of the Grecourt Gates, of the Smith women who were in France from 1917-1922 rebuilding villages moved me, i’ll be honest with you.

Terry left me a voicemail while i was at Convocation. The way we work i probably won’t hear from him again until i go home for Fall Break in 5 weeks, but it’s all good, right?

I called Lucia at the Northampton Community Music Center, and she said “I talked to one of the librarians you worked with and she spoke very highly of your work” so she was very excited about employing me, but then someone came who wanted to work for them 20 hrs/wk, every afternoon, for free. I was very happy for them and she said i should definitely get in touch with her in December about working there spring semester.

I interviewed with Bruce Sadjak for the Reference Assistant position today. If that doesn’t pan out i have an interview on Monday and one on Friday, both for receptionist-type positions (at the Smith Museum of Art Director’s Office and the Smith College School for Social Work).

I skipped the Barbara Ehrenreich lecture. No real tea, so we had DIY tea. Macaroons from Nicole, cookies from Sally, popcorn from new girl Nancy, and honeydew melon from Nicole and Carrie. Yum. We watched The Breakfast Club, which i’d never seen before. Fun movie. Not the greatest, but quite enjoyable.

So yes, life has been moderately busy and much with the good.

[edited to add that tonight i looked out my window and saw a beautiful sunset over Cutter/Ziskind]
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