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So, the consensus amongst those who cared enough to take the poll is... well, there is no consensus really.

So i'm just gonna rec the occasional awesome fic, and continue updating my website on the first of each month.  Which is probably what i would have done without any feedback, but (and i admit an egotistical part of me was hoping for a whole lot of "make a recs journal," in large part just because i think it would be fun to do) it's nice to have people's input.

A Pretty Boat by sharpest_rose
Firefly/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover
Captain Jack Sparrow aboard Serenity.  Brilliant and hysterical and rather perfect.

I actually read 2 fics in which That-Person-Who-Dies-At-The-End-Of-HP5:OotP comes back from the dead, even though i don't even like that character, so in the spirit of polyfannishness, i thought i'd post the links.  I wouldn't say they're awesome, but they are quite good.

- Mexican Standoff by musesfool
- The Art of Walking Backward by sharpest_rose

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