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sleep schedule? my body makes no sense

So, Tuesday.

Waited 45 minutes for the train. Turned out there was a brush fire in Franklin. They were kind enough to not collect tickets.

So instead of being mad early for my appointment i was exactly on time. Had one of my shortest appointments ever. Was a staffing firm. Filled out some paperwork, did some skills testing, had a very brief conference, and that was that. I have ceased to be optimistic about staffing firms, but it can’t hurt.

I headed to Harvard Square for a fruit smoothie, and the guy said he hadn’t seen me in a while, asked where i’d been. I will forever have a soft spot for the older guy who used to be there all the time because he once gave me cantaloupe rind to snack on while he made my smoothie, but the younger guy won a place in my heart in that moment.

I headed back to South Station and did a brief social psych survey for Harvard (and got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for my trouble).

I was sitting by the Amtrak section ‘cause i was reading and there’s less noise there, and a guy asked me what i was reading and i told him briefly and went back to my book and he kept talking and i quickly realized he wasn’t gonna let me go back to my book and i didn’t mind all that much.

52 year old Steve from Franklin, an electrician who blew off work that day and had a few (too many) beers. He has a son Nick. He was very complimentary and not particularly skeevy -- mostly just inebriated -- so definitely one of the sweeter encounters i’ve had of that sort (and i’ve had rather a lot). They called his train and he said he was gonna take a later one so he could stay and talk with me and i decided i had to leave for my “appointment.”

Even with the drunk, i finished my 400-page novel before 4:30.

I was having a really “off” day and felt like my brain wasn’t entirely there during class, but i did okay.

Joyce loved my blouse. White, short-sleeve, pleated. I really should have brought a t-shirt to change into given the work we were doing, but again, it was okay.

When i was waiting for my dad after class, Joyce was chatting with some former students, who said they missed her. So of course she yelled to me something like, “See, they miss me.”
I’ll miss you,” i insisted. “Who else is gonna put up with my crap?”
And she came over and very sincerely said that she had never seen herself as “putting up with” me, and reiterated what she’s said these past couple weeks -- that she thinks i really turned around recently in terms of my performance and am doing really well yadda yadda.
And i thanked her and said i knew she didn’t see it as “putting up with me,” both of which i meant very sincerely, though it is always nice to be affirmed.
It occurs to me that she kind of reminds me of Stacey that way -- that sassy back-and-forth banter.

I’m testing out next week, which means the last week i get to just show up and get worked on, unless i work in a group of 3 next week in which case i might not have to come in at all. I really enjoy being there (and dude, massage = yum) but getting to skip the commuting and not making my parentals come get me is a bonus.

And so finally i came home and the fact that i had barely slept in days (my body is weird) had been catching up with me and i crashed.


Started with another staffing firm.

Microsoft 2003 testing, which different from the Microsoft 200 i’ve grown used to. The Excel was very wtf. The one i’m used to starts with like “make this bold,” but this one started with something about workbooks that i had no idea how to do. (I sort of understand what “workbook” means in the context of Excel, but i definitely didn’t know this question.) I had fear that it would just get harder from there, but it was up and down. And as at Hollister, my end results said i passed and did better on Advanced than Intermediate. There must be some set of Excel skills defined as Intermediate that i just don’t know. And the Word test diddn’t take keyboard commands, which was bizarre. Per usual, despite sometimes thinking wtf i passed. And my results from both staffing firms this week put my adjusted typing speed in the vicinity of 60wpm.

Then i headed over to a company out in Harvard Square. It’s that's just a morning receptionist position, and it's out in Harvard Square so it would be like an hour commute each way for only 4 hours of work, plus getting up at the crack of dawn 'cause i have to be there at 8am. And it wouldn’t increase my ability to take classes any since Palmer classes start at 1:30 and there’s no way i can make it leaving Harvard Square at 12.

The last interview of the day was a real estate company where they want their receptionist to do bookkeeping, which struck me as unusual.

So yeah. Yay for having job interviews, but not so yay for the fact that they’re not likely to pan out. Though it’s almost a welcome change from thinking the interview went really positively and then never hearing back.

And after i’d come home, Meredith and i chatted jobby talk, which was nice.

My hair is bugging me, but i can’t decide what i wanna do with it. I’m thinking bangs, to offset the high forehead, but i don’t think my hair does fluffy bangs, which is what i would want.

laynamarya was awesome enough to point this to me. I doubt i’ll actually get it, but it would be so cool. And okay it would mean i would miss the beginning of the Palmer semester so i really couldn’t take classes, but since currently i don’t have the money to take any classes anyhow, i’m okay with this. It also interferes with Brooke’s visit and bringing my brother to RPI. We shall see. Not likely to get it anyhow.

More spam to my fannish address:
     Inundate H. Interviewee
      Floorboards M. Gill
This brings me much joy.

Other random anecdotes that didn’t make it into previous updates:

Monday we went out to Old Country Buffet, and the verdict on the mac&cheese was that it was made with nacho cheese. That was... interesting.

My grandma insists on getting us copious amounts of gifts, but this year my mom persuaded her that really i didn't need more stuff, so along with the-shirts-i-picked-out, i got tons of chocolate. I was a happy camper.

Boy is having a 10:30pm party this Saturday in Allston and too many out-of-town guests means i can’t spend the night, and given that the last commuter rail out to my suburb is 11:20 it’s hardly worth going. Anyone willing to give me crash space?

Will be sad if i can’t attend party. Though i am promised dinner. And hey, there’s always New Orleans -- which i actually do have interest in visiting. Though obviously visiting anyone anywhere requires procuring a job (and New Orleans would require vacation time as well). We shall see.
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