Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"a change is in the air"

That's what i thought, jokingly, last night as i feel asleep to the (intense thunder and lightning) storm last night.

Today i had 2 staffing firm interviews, and the first one said "executive assistants" on their sign, and i thought, "eek, i so don't belong here," but the lady was civil and refreshingly blunt.  She said she could totally see me in an academic setting, that i didn't wanna settle for recep/admin and that that's what it would be -- settling.  Which is, i suspect, rather true.  I mean, i shouldn't be surprised that i can't escape this.

And here would be discussion of that, except...

I later played phone tag with scheduling a second interview for a position i hadn't expected to get.  It's recep/admin, and i really appreciated the staffing firm lady being all "don't give up on your dreams," but dude, paycheck.  Of course i immediately began mentally planning my next few months as if i got this job.  Anyway, i still haven't even got the interview scheduled yet nevermind got the job, but getting called back for a second interview is new and exciting.  And if it falls through, i have a lengthy to-do list as a fallback plan.

I spent much of the day wandering around the Post Office Square area on intuition, which yielded better results than someone who's heard me talk about my horrid sense of direction would expect, which was comforting.

I tested out at massage class today.  I show up next week to get worked on, but the only work i myself have left to do to complete credit for this course is to do about 20 practice hours.  Which is frustratingly difficult to manage.  Le sigh.

I did a super-fast skim of the flist and am going to bed once i reply to comments. Will actually read and comment on day's flist hopefully tomorrow morning.

[also: omg, e-mailed friend from h.s. recently and got a reply back full of update on NHS'01 kids which was awesome, but um, married with kids?  *boggles* not the friend in question, but two other people we went to school with.]
Tags: actually having a sense of direction, job: hunting, nhs, weather: thunderstorms

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