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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

The Dive From Clausen's Pier (2005 - Lifetime)

8 years? How old are these characters?

MT is teh pretty. And dude, i heart Dawn, but MT’s voice irks me.

trijinx was so right that MT was at times channeling SMG.

Hello, i’ve read this SVH novel already.

She works in a library!

OMG Sean Maher. The article trijinx sent me months back (which of course i can’t find now) made SM sound like a dark sketchy older guy.

“We’re called ‘media specialists’ now.” Who bets her character is deemed too cool to actually enjoy working in a library, though? Le sigh.

“Work is beside the point. You’ll know that when you’re older.”

23, huh? MT is 2 years younger than i am and, like me, looks younger.

She *drove* from Wisconsin to NYC?

Oh *that*’s why she couldn’t date the sweet boy -- he’s gay.

He hates the Yankees! “O-positive and current on all my shots.”

Have i mentioned how much Sean Maher is making me melt?

35, huh. (SM is 30 and could easily play anyone between probably 20 and 40.)

“a lesbian call-girl without the sex”

“keep you under lock-and-key” *drools* Yup, i am very much still at least partially heterosexual.

wanting to be something you’re not as a way of avoiding thinking of yourself as ordinary... huh

MT is teh pretty, and i want her wardrobe, but it is all about Sean Maher in this movie. I’m unsure how much of this is writing and how much of this is acting.

Also, dude, the ending = wtf? How can she just quit her fashion design classes? Money down the drain, babe, plus wtf are you going to do in Madison, Wisconsin? And this whole running-back-to-(deal-with-her-demons-regarding)-Mike totally undercuts her decision to leave Mike in the first place, because it says she was running from fear instead of leaving because she didn’t love him the same way anymore.
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