Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

fandom: assorted

Gillian Anderson turns 37 today? That means she was only 25 when The X-Files started. Wow. (And David Duchovny is 8 years and 2 days her senior.)

I’ve totally been writing hyppogryff (tm TBQ) fic recently, but it occurs to me that i really shouldn’t feel bad about that. I mean, i’m writing for myself first and foremost. And whenever people complain about the lack of (well-written) XYZQ fic, the answer is always, “Write it yourself.”

The current “finished” list:
-dark fucked-up Simon/River AU [i so very much want a beta for this]
-2-part Little Shop femslash vignette [a beta offer would be lovely]
-Time Bandits epilogue [has a beta]
-ohsowrong BSC fic [has a beta]

The next question of course is what Work-in-Progress fic i should work on next. I keep thinking i should make a poll, but (a) no one cares and (b) i’m contrary so i would end up wanting to work on stuff that didn’t get voted on, but i would still feel obligated to work on stuff people actually said they wanted me to finish.

Recently rewatched the two X-Men movies and am reading xmmficathon. I foresee lots of recs in that ‘verse in my next site update. [Should i make that ‘verse its own page as well?] I’m gonna get sucked into wanting to read the comics. This is bad.

Also: HP-verse femslash with bondage is so hard to find, especially since the Slytherin characters don’t much interest me. I am learning, actually, that finding any femslash i like, of any kink or fandom, is difficult.

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