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X-Men: the animated series

I was at the library the other day and saw an X-Men VHS, so i took it home. Turns it out it’s a two-part episode (Enter Magneto & Deadly Reunions) of the Saturday morning cartoon show. Oh the love! Professor X in his snazzy chair, Jean Grey and adult Rogue who could both fly, Wolverine in the blue and yellow spandex with pointy hair, big blue bookish Beast, Storm in the white bodysuit, Cyclops with the yellow visor, pink and yellow clad Jubilee, and Gambit with the electro!cards. And the villain as Magneto with big ole helmet and cape.

Wow, so cheesy and over-the-top. And after the movies, the voices all sound wrong.

These episodes include some of my few distinct memories of the episodes, though -- jailed!Beast and claustrophobic!Storm.

Oh, the shippiness.

Magento: “You’ve wasted enough of my time. If Xavier refuses to face me, I’ll make him regret his cowardice.”
Xavier: “It’s me you want; so here I am.”

And later, Magneto to Xavier: “You were the best of us.”

Rogue to Storm: “C’mon, baby, don’t do this to me; those bricks weren’t that heavy.”

Her “not you, too!” re: Cyclops was decidedly less tender, more like “Fuck, am I gonna lose my whole team tonight?”

Rogue half-flirting with Scott (“c’mon pretty boy, make a girl feel welcome;” “don’t worry, I won’t tell Jean”) was disconcerting ‘cause i’m used to movie!Rogue’s issues with authority figures.

“We’ll have to do it again sometime.” Oh, awkward!Scott.

Maybe it’s just ‘cause i’m older, but Xavier forcing Magneto to relive childhood trauma? Felt too much like torture for me.

Internment camps? Yeah, we’re subtle.

I’ve decided that Wolverine and Sabretooth used to be more than “friends.”

And the lesson of this episode is: Always kill your enemies when you have the chance.
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