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Monday i saw a woman with a t-shirt that read "Mind closed until further notice" and was confused.

I keep writing up pieces of an update, but bugger, tired.  (I now have sympathy for people who skim over my long LJ entries.)  So the basics are: I'm settling in, it reminds me a lot of my SCMA job, people seem nice, various stuff is frustrating, i'm front desk and don't know anything but i have a computer and lots of free time.

I'm getting lots of reading done on the commute, so there will probably be book reviews forthcoming.

I'm all caught up on my flist, though i've been crap about commenting.  Apologies.  Consider yourselves to all have open invitations to poke me about anything you want a reply to.

Firefly cast picture (from here).  So many of them look so little like their characters.

dorri6 has a silly fun fic challenge.

Love the banners here and here.  (Really must figure out how to do a fanart recs page.)

Snippets from the recent EW:
Whedon dreamed up Firefly six years ago after reading Michael Shaara's Civil War novel, The Killer Angels. He pictured a gritty drama about the rigors of frontier life — ''but on a spaceship, because I'm me,'' says Whedon, who saw Firefly as a scruffy Star Trek minus the noble causes and aliens.


'I was a Whedon stalker,'' laughs Mary Parent, Universal's now-outgoing vice chairman of production, who dug Whedon's vision and no-surrender passion. She also recognized a potentially marketable Cinderella story. A modestly budgeted film, Parent believed, was a gamble worth taking, and in September 2003, Universal optioned the rights from Fox. ''I thought this band of underdogs could make for a cool movie,'' she says. ''But I did want to see a script first.''

So Whedon wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And wound up with an unfilmable, only-for-the-fans 190-page epic — ''basically the second season of Firefly,'' he says.
*wants to read that we does*  When do we fans get this?

And since i foresee boredom at work tomorrow, memes:

- Name a pairing or character (that I'm familiar with, in a fandom I'm familiar with), and a one word prompt if you want, and I will write one* line of a story for it.
*for various values of "one" as the mood strikes me.

- Ask me my opinion on any character from any fandom, and I will say. If I do not know the fandom, I will say what I think I know based on fannish osmosis. (and no, I will not be counting lj or other lj users as a fandom.)
Tags: fanart: recs, movies: serenity, self: quizzes/memes, tv: firefly, tv: firefly: movie

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