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finally an update on my life (for thems that care)

So, we brought my brother to college on Tuesday. (RPI - near Albany, NY - about a 3 hour drive from where we live)

Check-in reminded me of Smith. Brother is living in the Quad, which unlike at Smith seems to be the *closest* residence to the academic buildings. The residential buildings are divided into “hallways” which reminded me of the “staircases” at Trinity (Oxford). I was reminded of MBA!John explaining the Oxford college system as rather like dormitories, which made a lot of sense to me since at Smith there is such housing-oriented community with the same pride/rivalry/etc. type stuff that you get around the colleges at Oxford.

My brother totally wins at rooming. His double shares a full bathroom (which apparently a maid comes and cleans!) with another double and then next door to that double is a kitchenette lounge thing. Table with plastic benches (kinda like cafeterias), fridge, stove&oven, cabinets. I was impressed. Once we brought all his stuff in to his room he pretty summarily kicked us out, which was fine.

We spent about an hour and a half walking around the campus, which is a nice campus though I like Smith better. [Edited 'cause I forgot to mention: They have a castle. Well actually it used to be an armory. But it looks rather like a castle from the outside. It now houses a gymnasium etc. They also have a building that looks rather like a cathedral from the outside which I think is actually a big computer lab or IT central or something.] One of the first things we saw when we walked into the bookstore was a set of 4 frosted pint glasses which amused me as Smith only sells shot glasses -- which RPI sold as well of course, plus wine glasses and I’m not sure what else. My favorite was the mug that said “My kid and my money go to RPI.”

Waiting before the Presidential reception at the Alum House we sat in a mini-library which had some computers for guest usage to which the password was "p4ssw0rd" which amused me.

The food and Presidential speech were both decent, though neither were particularly exciting. The Pres pronounced Rensselaer as “Ren-sell-eer,” which made me sad, as “Ren-sell-air” pleases my ear more.

After that was over we drove up to Bennington, Vermont to stay overnight with my mom’s brother and his wife. As we neared their house we saw on the back of a vehicle a transparency of Calvin (of &Hobbes fame) in a NYY cap, pissing on a Red Sox logo. *smites*

We watched The Pacifier, which was not unenjoyable, though I was on the whole not convinced that Vin Diesel can actually act.

I had a half a cantaloupe and it was so yummy. Reminded me why I claim to love cantaloupe.

We walked around downtown Bennington some on Wednesday and saw lots of fake moose for Moosefest. I don’t understand the moose obsession. Like, they’re not particularly attractive animals, and they’re kinda big and terrifying. My dad mentioned an article that had called them “charismatic megafauna” (along with bears and elephants). Okay, shock and awe I get, but ginormous animals that could kill you in a heartbeat? Do not scream charismatic to me.

We came home midafternoon Wednesday and had a big ole thunderstorm that night which made me happy.

Saturday my mom took me to WalMart and I got 3 blouses at WalMart (sadly handwash as they have this metal circle thing). Then my parentals watched 5 episodes of Firefly ("Bushwhacked" through "Jaynestown").

I finally procured a Wonderfalls Disc 3 that doesn’t skip, so I have now seen all the episodes. As I said to someone else recently, this has ruined me on Jewel Staite photoshoots because she looks far more like Heidi than Kaylee.

"But I don't wanna be chosen. In this instance, I'm anti-choice."
"Show him who's special."

“How’s your job?” has become the “How’s the job search?” I appreciate knowing that people care how I’m doing, but I’m getting weary of the question for largely the same reason as I wearied of the old question: I have little to report. The people are nice, and I’m beginning to vibe with them better. I’m getting assorted training and stuff, and some people have been very nice and said things like Of course I’ll get hired permanent, but I’ve also heard they’re finally getting around to actually interviewing people for the position, so it’s just very weird no one having any idea how long I’m gonna be here for.

I’m bloody tired. I did a couple 30 hour weeks at MML some summers back and found myself so tired. This job is more hours plus a lengthy commute, though I’m far less physically tired as I’m seated rather than standing for the vast majority of the day. It eats up so much of my day, though.

And blah, shutting up now.
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