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My days just refuse to suck.

Bruce Sadjak e-mailed me. Scheduling didn’t work out, so i had my decision between the Museum and Neilson made for me. That made me happy. He also said, “There are positions open in our Interlibrary Loan department (same office as our interview). If you're interested, contact Naomi Sturtevant at x2962...the hours are much more flexible than mine, and Naomi, Chris Ryan, and Zane Daily are good and considerate people to work for. I highly recommend them.” So i put that out there for anyone who’s interested. Lizzie upstairs has been looking for work, so i told her that yesterday Ann Johnson had said they were still looking for a couple more student workers, so i gave her Ann’s contact information. I love being helpful like that.

I bought the new Ani album today. Listened to the first disc twice and am now on the second disk. I definitely do recognize the new songs from the concert she gave at Smith last Spring.

I met Sarah (the girl from the last post) today. She said if i ever want to get together for coffee sometime that would be great. I definitely plan to take her up on that at some point during the semester. I regret that i never took Emilie up on her offer last fall.

Layna finds some of my posters creepy. She thought it was cute when i tried to defend my posters (downplay their creepiness, point out that non-creepy ones, etc.). I said i just felt bad that my room wasn’t Layna-friendly. She said that i give good hugs, so she’ll come to my room anyway. :)

For anyone who’s been following my drama (though i actually haven’t been posting much about it), things between me and Joe are all good.

Joe had an away message up and i left him an IM saying:“I know you're not speaking to me (for whatever reason/s) but i thought i'd let you know (though i'm sure you already knew) that Ani's new live double CD came out today.” Yeah, i knew i sounded bitchy, but i’ve been back a week and hadn’t heard from him in i couldn’t remember how long. So later he IMs:

Joe: hey - it's not that I'm not speaking to you....
me: I know, i know, you're busy.
Joe: I've been so busy and irritable I thought it best not to just vent to you....
Joe: and I knew that's what it would end up
me: Aw, thank you. Now i feel bad for being pissy.
Joe: it's not a big deal - things are getting better so I'll have time again soon
Joe: :-)

Some of you may remember last year when basically fall semester our interactions consisted of him IMing me and venting about stuff, and i did the supportive friend thing, until like 2 in the morning, even though i got up at least an hour earlier than he did every day. A little before Christmas break i called him on it, and we had a really important conversation and things were much better. So i knew he was referring to our issues of last fall. Anyway, today we had a nice brief little chat and then:

me: (And you know you can always vent to me, though i really appreciate that you don't wanna just vent at me.)
Joe: I know
Joe: I just didn't want a repeat of last year's problem
Joe: I've come to respect you too much for that
me: Awwww.
<---- is WAY touched.
I love you so much.
Joe: awww
Joe: love you too :-)
Joe: of course
me: Now i feel horrible for being all "Joe's ignoring me, blah blah blah."
Joe: it's all good
Joe: I should have let you know why I've been distant
Joe: so it's partially my fault
Joe: mostly my fault
Joe: haha
me: Well this is true.

I was bitching to Joan last night and she said, “So, what are his [Joe’s] redeeming qualities?” I had to laugh because i do adore him, but of course she only hears about him when i’m bitching. I think i did a fair job of listing his redeeming qualities, but it’s definitely conversations like this that really reaffirm my adoration.
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