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rooting for in bed before midnight two nights in a row

So, HR-ish people met today, and Michelle and Trudy said nice things about me. Am unsure what the deal is with me being considered for perm or what, but still, yay.

I honestly don’t know whether I wanna do this full-time. Obviously part of me is tempted by the basic fact of a steady job. And the commute’ll be easy from anywhere. On the whole I vibe well with everybody. And I had a nice moment with Dan this morning -- who’s the prof I most worry about. So yeah, I have anxiety. And I really think it would be a good idea to wait until after the semester starts for real (which for me is Sept. 26) before making a decision; because even though I’m fairly certain the workload will be fine, I’d like to have actual experience with what it actually is before I commit to it. And honestly, my experience so far has been that hiring etc. totally drags its heels, so I may be far prematurely anxious.

And partly this whole full-time job thing is just wearing me out. (Not that I wanna go back to being unemployed . . . I’m just still adjusting. I gave my mom a massage tonight -- need about 12 more hours in the next month -- and felt weary and am so impressed by all the people in my class who had full-time jobs and were doing this at the same time.)

At work, people are forever coming into my section to ask where a room/professor is, and it can get wearing sometimes, but people with pretty British accents can come in and ask me directions any time :)

Barbeque at HBS today, which reminded me of Smith barbecue and the fact that Convocation is/was tonight. Emma called afterward (and Fefe continues to serenade me from afar). It’s weird not being there, but I’m feeling really okay about it. The fact that I’m gainfully employed and know that there are visitation plans on both ends certainly helps.

Oh, and I saw a monk(?) on my way home on JFK St. -- not!yarmulke, shorn head, brown robes, brown rosary beads tied to the waist.

Random: oh the juxtaposition and V C Andrews icons.

Am skipping assorted memes currently going around, but feel free to ply me with questions random or otherwise. Recommendations of awesome fic also always appreciated. As is discussion. *loves on wisdomeagle et al*
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