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My brother helped me fix my Internet.

So there will be a real update tonight; but right now, I wanna stab this article.  [Has a somewhat vague spoiler for River's role in Serenity.]

"Despite political correctness, most of us continue to harbor a visceral preference for brawny male cops or firefighters to come to our rescue in emergencies."

This is after talking about various failed superheroine type movies.  From what I hear, Catwoman and Elektra failed because they were shite written movies, not 'cause people didn't wanna see badass women. [Honestly, I still kinda wanna see both of them for the pretty.]  Angelina Jolie?  I am totally planning on seeing the Tomb Raider movies plus Mr. and Mrs. Smith for her hotness alone.  And didn't Kill Bill do really well?  (See also the X-Men franchise.  And Xena.  And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  And The Matrix.  And why doesn't Gina Torres get a mention in this article, incidentally?)  Maybe the problem is not that nobody wants to watch hot women kick some ass but rather that no one knows how to write it well.

"In the past, Hollywood's hyperfeminine sex symbols never tried to match men in terms of physical strength, but their classic roles still showed them holding their own in the battle of the sexes by deploying traditional female advantages of smarts, sex appeal, emotional resilience and intuitive understanding. [...] The public doesn't yearn for stylish chicks to replicate the sweaty brutality of male action stars, but prefers watching characters who display the distinctively feminine strengths associated with the natural superiority of women."

Leaving aside the issue of the stupid idea of the "natural superiority of women," why can't women be clever and physically skilled.  The articles on the usage of wit-as-weapon in BtVS come to mind.  As does Illyria (on Angel).  Plus, ya know, all the women alluded to in my above parenthetical.

I just . . . "I wish to do violence."
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