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"pretty as a picture, they pound down your door..."

Gee, nothin' gets up in the morning like two lawnmowers right level with your window.

I wrote ~1800 words last night.  Of two different stories.  Both involving Tara.  ♥  And posting some questions to btvsangel_canon I got the following as a comment: "Not Sure What You're Asking For, Or The Correct Answer, But It Sounds Like You're Writing Something Interesting. Can I have A Link To It When It's Done?"  *glees*  [And wow, I hadn't realized quite how many Tara fics I've written.]

Random factoid I learned: Sean Maher was on a Season 1 CSI: Miami episode (1.21) and had a recurrent role in Season 6 Party of FiveWhy is only Season 1 of Party of Five out on DVD?

Also: athene can say "would you like fries with that" in an ancient dead language.

My mom made sock puppets for her pseudo-nephew Murphy's birthday.  Steve Two and Super Steve.  So I've been quoting "The Prom."  The accompanying note is a thing of comic beauty, boss; excerpt: "I'm sort of sad to see them go ... I think my family is relieved. // And yet, nothing brings a smile to the face like having a conversation with a sock.  Okay, so usually they are laughing AT me, but it's still laughter!"

I read my mom b_cavis' The 10 Commandments of Fanfiction (edited slightly, for the mild HP6:HBP 'ship spoiler, for one) and she enjoyed muchly.  (And the word "squee" made me think of you every time.)

Remember that 10 Interests Meme that required you actually count off?  Well some clever/kind soul turned into a programmy whosie so you just plug in your username and it does the work for you.  Mine:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. carousels:
  2. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Barbara used to live in Binghamton, NY, right next to Rec Park, which has a beautiful carousel and it was always one of my favorite part of our summer visits.  The round-and-round is soothing, and I always used to make up stories about the horses coming to life.  Riding carousels [when rarely I do it] now always reminds me of that carousel.
  3. correcting people:
  4. It's what I do.  Information and accuracy are so important to me, and if I think you're wrong I will tell you so.
  5. giving gifts of love:
  6. I have issues with setting aside single days to Buy Things For People Or Else (Christmas, birthdays, etc.) and far prefer to do/buy nice things for people just because I thought of them or they're having a rough time or whatever.
  7. interrelating:
  8. I love the ways that things connect, and I am forever relating things to other things.  (For the longest time it was either an Ani DiFranco lyric or a Joss Whedon show quote, and honestly, that hasn't changed much.)
  9. mix tapes/cds:
  10. I have a bunch of really lovely mixtapes people made for me, and I used to make samplers of artists I loved to get people into them.  Mp3s + CD burners made this process much easier, and I must admit that I almost never listen to my tapes anymore.  But I still think both mixtapes and their CD descendants are great.
  11. potato products:
    POTATOES!  So yummy.  There are certain variants on the potato that I'm not keen on eating, but generally I ♥ foods made out of potatoes.
  12. research:
  13. I love learning, and as mentioned above, accuracy and information are so important to me, so if I'm not sure about something, I'm sure gonna look it up.
  14. stalking:
  15. Not in the scary restraining order way.  I'm frequently not even trying, in fact.  But I seek out information and notice things and put things together; plus once I have a hunch I tend to seek out confirmation.  So frequently I'll figure out -- often without trying too hard -- who someone is in meatspace and LiveJournal.  The story of how I met lilithchilde is the best example of this :)  And of course I also do the more mundane, "Is so-and-so still married?  Where do they live? etc. etc."
  16. unique livejournal interests:
  17. Intentionality is huge for me, so the LJ interests that everybody shares bore me, but the unshared ones stand out when skimming a profile (because, except when LJ is glitching, they're not coded as hyperlinks).  Plus, LiveJournal limits your interests to 4 words/50 characters [I actually recall it being 35 characters] so I also find it interesting to see the ways in which people phrase things in order to make them fit.  [My current unique LJ interests are: artists despite their politics, being a pretentious brat, giving gifts of love, glbtqqa-etc. activism, interests.too.complex.to.fit.here, not elsewhere classified, obsessively citing, pet research projects, the term "queer", themed music mixes, umass oxford summer seminar, unusual cultural references.  "comfortable physical affection" and "giving casual massages" were unique until mari4212 stole them :) ]
  18. zining:
  19. You know what a zine is, right?  Started as sci-fi fanzines and then morphed into independent publication efforts (usually fairly solo) ranging from the diaryesque to the heavily political, and frequently a mush of the two.  (Plus there's the music zine subset, but that's not my scene, so they bore me.)  Anyway, I was introduced to them when I was in . . . junior high?  And I loved them.  (And offbalance and I met through the zinesters YahooGroup -- back like 2 ownerships ago.)  I fell out of it as college progressed because I just didn't have the time, but I still harbor delusions of getting back into it at some point.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

I am impressed that when I tried to do this on my own [Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.] I actually got the exact same results.

It may actually be time for me to update my LJ likes/interests.  (The fact that it's labelled "Interests" but is used largely as a list of "Likes" -- and that's even how LJ tells you to do it, that they should finish the sentence "I like: " -- is frustrating.)  The "dislikes" tool is also tempting.

sexonastick gave me an explanation of why everyone insists that Tom Cruise is omgsogay that actually made sense to me.

An agency found my resume via monster.  Color me unexcited about going in for an interview tomorrow (two months made me le jaded) but I never got around to shoeshopping yesterday, and they're conveniently located right near South Station so I don't even have to trek anywhere.  Another agency called later, and I'm actually psyched about them 'cause they place a lot of editorial assistants, which would be way funner than basic admin.  So I have a morning appointment with them up in Faneuil Hall.  And then I have a 4pm actual job interview out near the Children's Museum.

Also: Today is [was] Wednesday?  When did that happen?

Apparently I missed Green Street rioting in the Quad and not succeeding in getting today called Mountain Day.  Oh, Smith.

The file that I dump stuff I'm not ready to post into LJ yet has decided it's corrupt or something and that it contains no data, and I just realized that it has [had] my Serenity writeup, complete with reactions to various other people's reactions, article excerpts, etc.  I think that's the only major thing I lost, but . . . grr.

This story gives the best explanation I have seen of how James Potter changes from the adolescent we see to the adult we hear about (a disjunction which frustrates me muchly in canon).

I finished reading The Pillow Book. Somebody wants to write me fic slashing her and the Empress, right?  *looks at gishmi1ish*

(Oh, and lilithchilde"In Principio" is definitely recommended.)

IM from my brother in conversation: u realize you just capitalized an IM but misused "write"
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