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"more'n seventy little earth's spinning about the galaxy, and the meek have inherited not a one"

So, I saw this via whedonesque this morning and read "According to a blog at KnoxNews, the online version of the Knoxville News Sentinel, InstaPundit’s Glenn Reynolds has 150 tickets to an advance screening of the film available for local bloggers." and thought, "I didn't know Glenn Reynolds was a Firefly fan." I checked his blog but didn't see anything about it. Then I came home from my full day and my dad had sent me an e-mail [this link has fairly non-spoilery images from the film] and DUDE [this link is nonspoilery save a small version of the US promo poster]. Advance Screenings that you get free tickets to provided you blog a review of the film. (Refreshing the flist now, I see the links have hit fireflyfans, and whedonesque.) There's a Boston one, which tempts me mightily. Though I've seen it already and I don't think anyone who reads this journal (can I even count this a blog?) has escaped my mad pimping of the show.
Tags: movies: serenity, tv: firefly, tv: firefly: movie

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