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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

CSI 6.01 "Bodies in Motion"

Ensemble power shot! ♥  (Was the line that closed the Tarantino finale "I want my team back?" or do I just feel like that moment should have ended the ep?)

[Edit because no one ever did tell me: I Googled to get the transcript, and the penultimate scene closes with Grissom saying "I want my guys back." I had forgotten that the episode actually closes with Nick going to visit Kelly Gordon in prison.]

We had the closed captioning on, and when Cath gripes about him breaking them up and says something about perversion, his reply in one is "I'm not a pervert" and in the other is something like "Just the usual" -- and both are valid responses (*wishes she remembered the exchange more exactly*) but I'm always interested to see when something changes from shooting script (or whatever the closed captioning comes from) to what actually airs.

I dislike that Grissom looks so old.  ('Cause I'm all shallow and I'm like, "You look far less sexualizable than you used to."  Though I've been disliking the changes to his appearance for years.)

The show was shipping Cath/Warrick?  Huh.  (Remember, I said I've only been watching sporadically.)  I was just assuming she didn't wanna talk about it 'cause she felt like he made a post-trauma rush decision and was just doing the denial thing.

Throughout the episode, I appreciated that they dealt with the aftermath of Nick's attack.  (I was so surprised that he was okay with being alone out at a crime scene, but then they had the bit with the insect, and that made it better.)

The end of the Tarantino finale was totally shipping Grissom/Nick but I figured they were just gonna let it drop -- which I wouldn't have been upset by, 'cause who would expect the show to actively ship that? -- but then the end of this episode?  Oh yeah, hardcore.
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