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Actual update, forthcoming, but it occurs to me that it needs to be said:

Today's NYT interview with Joss about Serenity: "there's rather a major, if vague, spoiler in one of the interview questions" (as musesfool puts it). I say, if you haven't seen the movie, don't read the article. [If you have seen it, the link is here.]

Spoiler-free excerpt behind the cut (because it's rather lengthy):
Q. You're now moving on to the very high-profile "Wonder Woman" movie. Is that more pressure?

A. It's a little less frightening, because I think I know what the sales pitch is - it's Wonder Woman!

Q. You wrote - with Brett Matthews - comic books bridging the gap between the end of "Firefly" and the beginning of the movie. Is that something you do for your own pleasure, to keep the fans interested, or to clarify the story in your mind?

A. The first two you said, stoke the fans and keep myself happy, are kind of indistinguishable. Because I am - and always will be - the biggest fanboy. I write from a fanboy place: what would it be great to see this character do? So the idea of a comic book that bridges the TV show and the movie was so exciting to me. I just felt like, "Ooh, more."

Q. You announced last year that you were quitting TV. Do you still mean it?

A. I love TV. I still have tons of things I'd love to do on TV. But I've also always wanted to make movies, and they were saying, "Come on in." The intention is to go back when I feel there's a place for me.

Q. With all these sci-fi and horror shows starting this season, do you feel like you missed that boom?

A. I feel like it's a boom that I helped start, but oddly enough, not a boom I was that interested in starting. The only time I've ever heard somebody say, "This is the result of 'Buffy' " and felt actually that it was true, and was really proud of, was "Veronica Mars." Because that's what I was really interested in: the humor and the pathos and the pain, and the heightened reality of high school. And a girl who is just awesome.

Q. You were, obviously, devastated at how things with "Firefly" went down. Did making this movie help?

A. Something was created out of this, but something died, too - "Firefly" and "Serenity" are different. The cancellation of "Firefly" is not something I feel myself ever getting over, because I still have those hundred stories in my head. But I'll settle for three or four really big ones. And if I have to, I'll settle for one.
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