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So, tomorrow begins my workweek-of-phear.  (Pray for me?)

Thursday night weather.com told me: Friday: high of 83, Saturday: high of 68.  Glee indeed.  Last night's low was 32!  Eventually I will close the windows, but for now there is no way I am shutting this air out.  And I do have blankets, after all.

The big weekend event was the surprise 50th anniversary party for Bob&Ruthie last night.  Was nice to see former-UCN people *not* at a funeral.

Ruthie had asked Bonnie (her daughter) not to throw a big party, but Bonnie already had it in the works.  "Just family," Ruthie said, -- but hey, we are her family, as somebody pointed out.  And she said her big worry was that people would be left out, but no one was.  (Jimmy -- Bonnie's son -- went through Ruthie's computer to get addresses, and the invitees were told to spread the word to anyone who had been left off the mailing list.)

When we arrived, we saw a young woman in a spaghetti strap shimmery magenta-pink dress and I realized it must be Kristi (Bonnie's daughter).  I immediately thought she was 16 -- 14 minimum.  She's 11.  (Jimmy's 16.)  She's tall -- though all straight lines -- and also has that easy confidence (nevemind high energy).

Eventually they opened up the dance floor, and her whole family seems to know how to swing dance, and when the music changed to stuff she didn't know she just faked it (and didn't care that she was dancing off-beat -- which I wouldn't even have noticed had she not mentioned it to me).  She took off her heels as her feet were hurting, and in her swirly dress I was reminded of River in "Objects in Space."  (Or really, River ever, since Joss is so in love with her feet.)

Has been about 11 years since I last saw that family -- i.e., since they moved down to the Cape area.

Also saw Hayley and Chelsey -- whom I used to babysit for and whom I've barely seen since they left UCN (while I was still in high school, I believe).  6th and 4th grade respectively.  Last time I saw them, that was approximately their ages.  They're much the same as I remember them, though also growing up.  Will be interesting to see whom they turn into.  I miss getting to see "my" kids grow up.

Did some unintended networking as I chatted with a woman I knew from my Food Pantry volunteering days who said there might be job opportunities at the company she works at.

Weekend glee included Justine loving my feedback on her "The Pillow Book of Inara Serra" latest installment.  ("You are the English Godess," she said.)

Ages back I wanted to link someone (probably Zia or Marauder) to sharpest_rose's Rosie Cotton thoughts, but she had done lots of Internet freshstarting and I couldn't find it.  But lots of her website is back now, and rosiesamfrodo.com has this (see this in particular).

fabu has Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost Stories Challenge.  In her previous post she mentioned her Multifandom Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Challenge from last year, which made me think of fox1013's Firefly fic Day of the Dead.

From this article on Serenity:
Although the big screen adventure presents the same challenges for the crew, there were new ones to overcome for first-time movie director Whedon.

"It's a question of opening it up, and it's a question of closing it down," Whedon said. "You know, opening it up in the sense of: We need a giant, epic story that is not the kind of thing these people usually get involved in in a TV series, which is more mundane. You need a reason for this to be a movie. The closing comes in making sure that it is accessible to everybody: that you explain everybody as much as you need to, that you explain the world as much as you need to, that you begin and you end, that you have an arc for the character, as well as a plot that has a question and then an answer."

Whether or not Whedon succeeded in this endeavour, he evidently fired the enthusiasm of at least some of his cast for any sequels that might follow.

"Yes, I'm looking forward to sequels," said Morena Baccarin in an interview in Starlog magazine. "I would like to do anything Joss Whedon ever does.”

She described “Serenity” as an amazing movie and had no hesitation in recommending it to fans.

“The movie will be a roller-coaster ride for audiences and that’s what is so great about it,” she said. “It’s really funny; I’ve seen it three times and I laugh every time. But it’s also heart-breaking and gut-wrenching.”
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