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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Serenity: comics [all 3; no movie spoilers]

On the whole, I was underwhelmed.  The dialogue and plotting were solid, and the drawings were good given that they were being asked to translate flesh people to drawings.  I think I was just . . . expecting more.  I liked that we saw more of why Book felt the need to leave, you could start the movie with him gone and you wouldn't really need an explanation because he fit the least of anybody in that crew.  As for the rest of it, it's pretty much like an abbreviated episode.

I did LOVE River doping herself up.  Probably my favorite comics moment.

Also: neat to bring back Dobson.  (Oh Joss and your fetish for killing people off and bringing them back.)

Long ago, Ari wrote:

[vaguely spoilerish for the first two volumes of the comic]Oddly enough, I actually bought Inara/Mal in the comics, which makes me wonder if it was the acting that failed to convince me.[/spoilers]

Wow, that's some hardcore spoiler-shielding.  I knew there'd be Mal/Inara in the comics since it was following on TV canon.  I was expecting your spoiler to be actually about something that happened in the comics.  I will say, I did like Wash's awareness of the dynamic, and his "my kind of stupid" line.  (In large part because if the discussion I had had with Ari a while back wondering about how much the crew noticed their underlying dynamic.)

I actually liked Mal/Inara less in the comics than I did in the show; their interactions felt harsher (I would actually add, "without the acting behind it," which makes your statement particularly interesting).
Tags: comics: firefly/serenity

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