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So, the Franklin line is about 8 minutes late. I chat with Feissal (who last weekend went to the Big E -- where I'm going tonight -- and near the end of the line I hear a couple women talking about it; small world). I get in at 8:20 or so. "Emergency, Red Line closed." There will be shuttle busses. I think it's specific to South Station and intend to walk to Downtown Crossing. I'm talking with a woman who works up Beacon Hill and hasn't actually walked from South Station, so I walk all the way to Park Street. There are large crowds at both stations and I learn that the whole Red Line is shut down.

The basic gist is "guy on tracks," but I'm unclear as to whether there were one or more. Someone says they already took the guy out on a stretcher. Shortly thereafter we are ordered to make way and a stretcher is brought right past me. Creepifyin' like nobody's business. (In large part because the person is covered in a sheet from the neck down.)

I recall Meredith telling me last night about the tree on the tracks between Newton Highlands and Newton Center and how she waited ~2hrs for a bus (and saw about 8 go by in the opposite direction). I consider calling her, but it's about 8:35am. Someone points out that it's rush hour and I wonder where they're gonna pull these buses form. I'm with two women who are going to Kendall and one (who lives near Back Bay and could actually walk from her home to her office) decides to just walk, so I and the woman I've been talking to (who used to commute from Providence to Kendall but moved to California because of her husband's job and now works remotely and is only back in town for a few days, for a conference I think, and staying with a friend in Newton) decide to go with. [If not for that, I would have PhonePosted and hung out at Park Street reading my book until a shuttle bus came.] We joke it's our Walking Tour of Boston -- going along Charles St. -- and when we hit Charles/MGH we see a bus saying Red Line Shuttle going in the opposite direction and it looks like they're letting people go into the MGH station. I figure I'll just walk to Kendall with them and get the Red Line from there if it really is working. We walk across the Charles and Red Lines go by in both directions. I get the T at Kendall. Much later I recall walking from Charles/MGH to Park St. with my mother after the Fourth of July fireworks one year.

All week I've been debating splurging on a Harvard Square smoothie and this morning I do. YoungSmoothieGuy makes conversation and I mention the Red Line being shut down, which he is surprised to hear, so I wonder if service out this far was stopped at all. Anyway. Day's special is StrawberryPeachBanana with Orange base. And I have a bit of sugar added as well. Yum.

Get in to work about 9:45. (And remember, I've already gotten permission to leave at 4:30 so I can make my Peter Pan to Northampton.)

I'm greeted with, "So, I hear you had an interesting morning," from JaNeece and Kelly. Kelly says service was down from JFK to somewhere I forget.

I check mbta.com and boston.com

Man struck by train at Park Street
Hundreds of commuters delayed

By Globe Staff | September 30, 2005

Hundreds of commuters were delayed this morning after a man was struck by an outbound Red Line train at the Park Street Station at about 7:50 a.m., officials said.

The man was taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment and his condition was unknown as of this morning, said Lt. Donald O'Connor, an MBTA police spokesman.

At the same time, an MBTA female employee and another female passenger became ill at the Park Street Station and were taken to area hospitals, O'Connor said. Their conditions are also unknown.

Service on the Red Line was restored at about 9 a.m.

I had to drop something off in Baker, so I stopped by to see Michelle and she mentioned that Tretha was on the car above and heard the guy screaming for help. Apparently she was really shaken when she came in. I would have gone to see her, but I felt I really should get back to the office before RMK came back from her appointment. The idea shakes *me* up, though. [RMK comes in later and asks how I am and is grateful I came in at all. I think she hadn't realized I wasn't actually *on* the train in question.]

On a less dramatic note: I have a couple possible opportunities for work starting Monday (one of which is HBS) so I may end up having to take the 5:10 Sunday out of Northampton after all. Just so's you know. (Please don't worry about rescheduling your geo group, though, Emma. I'll be seeing you two weekends in a row regardless, and this is all contingent upon people calling me back today.)
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