Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

last weekend (Northampton, wonderful)

Okay, this really isn't all that long, but work has et me this week, hence the delay in posting.

First of all: what up with public transportation that day? Everyone wanted to go to Springfield that day . . . why? Bus full up at 55 and ~10 of us left waiting. They were gonna try to pull another bus for us, but that ended up not working out as the traffic (hello Yankees at Sox game) was insane.

Saw a Smithie '05 in the terminal. She was going to NYC, and I totally didn't recognize her, but she recognized me and we figured it was probably through Mary Barbara (though she also thinks she had French class with you.)

So I got into Northampton around 11pm -- and was picked up by a cadre of 5 Lamonsters. We got some foodage at the CC and cuddle-piled on Emma's bed and I finally went to bed around 5am.

The afternoon brought Serenity with 11 other people. Most of whom were Firefly fans and some of whom were even costumed. Emma's Zoe rawked, and Kate did a really good Inara, and Jess had a great bluegreen Japanese style jacket over a black t-shirt saying "I want to cuddle" [or something like] and a long black skirt.

[Eventually there will be a Serenity post from me. Do not post comments about the movie on this entry as not all my flist who cares has seen it.]

Dinner at Ground Round (where my option is a roasted veggie wrap with fries, which is yummy and so filling). Then some of us went to the Big E, which I was not impressed by, but I did go on a ferris wheel for the first time ever. 3am bedtime.

Sunday, Allie came over for brunch. And later in the day I met Cat's house and she walked me down to the bus station to go home.

I was impressed by how many Lamonsters I managed to see over just a couple days. And I met some of the first-years. Didn't manage to see Zia or Paige, but the latter hopes to coordinate with Allie for a Boston visit, which would be much yayness. More visitation period is yay, as obviously 2 days was far from enough. I keep having weekend plans this month, which is exciting.

This post totally doesn't do justice to the weekend, but yeah, glee and joy and yayness and love.

Oh, and while I was waiting for the train home blukitten came over to talk to me. (I met her when I visited sk8eeyore in VA, and she was up visiting Simmons this time. The world it is small.)
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