Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

CSI 6.03 "Bite Me"

Brass has an ex?

Brass&Cath! I may have a new 'ship.

Red Sea!
"Twice as many people die each year from falling down the stairs than they do from accidental gunfire"!
♥ coroner [yeah, his name escapes me]

Warrick calls Greg "Sanders."

Hudson Leick!

I liked the ghost people effect.

"Maybe he couldn't breathe." Ouch.
"You've given me a lot of information. None of it helpful." Wow, more Aspergers than usual, Grissom. You are having a bad day.

"Pleasure . . . pain . . . who doesn't like to cross that line once in a while?" Grissom! Your look cracked me up, but, why are you giving Al the wtf look? I adore him, and come on, you're the guy who watches humanity like bugs and deadpans explanations about everything.

Greg = role model? Tee. "Where do you get your hair cut?" :) (I do like actually like that look.)

bite marks! (Though they seemed far too circular to me. But then, I wouldn't know.)
"Buffy"? *rolls eyes* (*wonders if Jerry Bruckheimer saw "Into the Woods"*)
Nick & Archie watching the vid . . . where is Greg?

"I couldn't make this up." (Jerry Bruckheimer can, though.)

Love Hudson Leick!

"You have to live with yourself." That feels so un-CSI. 'Cause I mean, they deal with remorseless sociopaths (wait, I was channelling "The Inside" for a moment there, but still) so isn't it all about the justice?

(Oh, and the daughter was in The Patriot. I think that's why she looked familiar -- from the commercials for that.)

[And okay, by "Jerry Bruckheimer" I suppose I mean Carol Mendelsohn and Josh Berman.]
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