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"the night is my companion..."

Waiting for the Red Line at South Station Saturday evening, there was this guy who was chatting with his friends and also bantering with these other people sitting between them and me.

Guy: "You are all invited to a party tonight, provided you bring boys for me to make out with."
Person between us: "Hmm.  Most of the boys I know who make out with boys and are available are available for a reason."

BetweenPerson also had an anime party to go to that night.  Oh it is good to feel like I am around my people.  (I don't even do anime, but it was familiar and thus comforting.)

I'd been considering taking in a matinee showing of Serenity this coming Saturday with trijinx and wondering if I could rope anyone from work into going.  But on the Red Line I saw an ad for the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (10am-6pm that day) which I went to once while I was in high school and which had lots of free food samples.  It's at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center -- near the Roxbury Crossing Orange Line stop.

Not that I can't do both, of course.

Oh bugger, I totally missed some of the Huntington stuff I wanted to see.  Not that I would have had time to see it anyway.

Must remember that I wanna see:
     Constant by David Valdes Greenwood
     November 5 @ 4:00 PM & November 6 @ 7:00 PM

Things I am on the wrong coast to see include: OMWF as live musical.  I keep thinking Queer Soup, but I suspect this will be an actual professional job.
      Ooh, La Llorona.  (Which reminds me of the Weeping Woman lesbian YA novel I read some years back, and then of course prompts a sudden desire to read variants on the story and then write a version myself.)  21 Taras and a Burlesque are also obvious yays.


Layna's party last night was lovely. Met good new people, as I tend to do at her parties.

Terri [name spelling corrected thanks to Layna's post] had a pink sparkly button that said "Ooh, Shiny," and I asked if it was a generic fannish thing or a Firefly thing and she said it functions as both and we chatted about Whedonverse some and that was happy.

Chris had a button that said "My name is Harry Potter.  You killed both my parents.  Prepare to die." which I loved and also a "First they came for the verbs . . ." one which made my brain hurt ("First they came for the verbs and I said nothing, for verbing weirds language. Then they arrival for the nouns and I speech nothing, for I no verbs."  Google tells me it's Peter Ellis on alt.fan.pratchett)

We played Cranium, which I learned I am rather indifferent to (I had never played before) and Apples to Apples, which I quite like.  A disagreement arose during the game, so of course I turn to LJ to help resolve the dispute.

Poll #591844 Apples to Apples: Least Sensitive

Which would you pick for Least Sensitive?

The U. S. Supreme Court
Charging Rhinos

(A different card altogether won the round, so this poll is merely for the vindication of certain players.)

Random joyous/fannish things:

No one told me (until today) that Serenity: The Official Visual Companion also contains a shooting script for the movie.  *wants*  (Why does MLN not have this in stock?  Tried VirtCat, and it gives me a placeholder entry for CMARS.  Sigh.)

There are great Serenity movie icons here (fourth to last is amazing).  Spoilers, duh.

caladan_dd did a couple fanarts to The Curse of Chalion.  Love the second one -- the headshot.  Am now tempted to read the book.  'Cause I don't have enough to read already.  *rolls eyes at self*

And I'm sure everyone's seen the b&w of Nathan Fillion looking hot in EW, but it's worth mentioning again.

People are starting to post advance warnings for Fandom Secret Santa signups -- Secret Slasha, yuletide, btvs_santa, serenity_santa, vm_santa, etc.  Am fairly certain I don't wanna sign up for any of them as I have so much on my plate already, though it feels weird to not even do Secret Slasha.

Must also reread "Greece Remembers" to decide if I really am submitting it for Uninvited.

I never did pimp sexonastick's ambiguous consent challenge, did I?  I am falling down on the job.

I need to watch Night Watch at some point just for this scene.

And I think I'm done for the moment.
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