Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"I think of your letters as love letters -- in that it is the writing of them that carries us along"

The sun is out at 7:15 in the morning.  Who knew? :)

I left work early on Friday for the farewell drinks and had phear that Prof. N. would call while I was out and be grouchy that I couldn't do anything last minute for her, but no messages were waiting when I came in this morning.

I completely forgot to submit my etimesheet until last night so I had fear about that as it needs to be approved by Monday noon and my listed supervisor was out of town at a conference today, but it turns out Jessica is listed as my approver so it was fine.

So yeah, good day.

Did basically nothing since both profs were out.  (Technically I support 3 profs, but Prof. D. never asks me to do anything.)  Feedbacked about 30 fics [yes I have a mondo backlog of stuff I've read and I try really hard to feedback almost everything], which made me feel productive.

Had lunch with co-workers.  Conversation included Weight Watchers points.  Never thought I would miss the talk of the evils of Coke, but . . . food-related discussion that revolves around restriction diets, even when it's not done in any unhealthy dysfunctional way, discomfits me.

Am tempted to do Tara for fanfic100 -- probably because it's Tara week at femslash_minis, so I keep seeing lovely looking Tara fic on my flist.  Really I have enough on my plate, though -- plus the prompts kinda bore me.    Am excited that Scroll has claimed Dawn for crossovers100, though, 'cause Dawn=♥  And mollita's doing Mal and River for au100, so I might have to friend that comm as well.

Apparently I "WIN AT LIFE!!" for my Hansel/Gretel double-drabble. ♥ 'cause I do so love that fic.

Have been thinking of making a recs post within the week -- though as it nears on the first of the month I wonder if I should just skip it since I'll be doing a site update.

musesfool updated unfitforsociety and I was filled with joy to see so much overlap with this mythical list of mine since I know far more fannish types read her than do me, so I left her a comment and she replied, "I found the Angel and the Sandman cross off your recs page, so ... *g* // I admit, I haven't read a lot of Firefly fic that doesn't pop up on my flist, [snip] but I'd love to see more recs from you."

*is all warm and glowy inside*
Tags: fanfic: challenges

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