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I'm still in college mode where going to bed before midnight feels obscene.  However, I was dozing off on the train yesterday, so before 10pm I decided to go to bed.  8 hours of sleep, whoda thunk?  Then I dozed off on both my morning trains.  Unfair.  I was sneezing at work, so clearly I need to continue this quality sleep thing as I am so not allowed to be getting sick.

"It's amazing how much of hypchondria is related to ego. Apparently you're too damn special to get regular colds and flus, it always has to be something special." -Sharon

musesfool wrote: "My dwarf index is 3: grumpy, sleepy and sneezy."
Adorable.  (Apparently it was DevilDoll's idea.)  For anyone interested in adopting it, the Disney 7 are: Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful.

I finally got to the Brideshead Revisited chapter of Doug's Evelyn Waugh biography (~2/3 of the way through the 350+ page book).  Given Waugh's life trajectory thus far, Doug's statements about the book make sense in terms of Waugh's intentions, but I totally didn't read them in the novel at all.  So of course I swung by the library on the way home to get out Brideshead Revisited again, and I have glee at the prospect of academic geekery.  (Because I will so be e-mailing Doug to argue discuss.)

Ari and her dad debated drabbles.  I had thoughts.

In a recent post, Layna made the interesting point that when we waste our time we're not just hurting ourselves but we're also hurting the people who could benefit from quality uses of our time.  I think I need to keep this in mind.

Current Smith DailyJolt poll: "If Smith closed temporarily and you could go to any other 5 College school for free, where would you go?"  My response is totally UMass Amherst.  I took 2 great classes there during my time at Smith, so I already know some of the good profs; plus it's so big that there are a ton of opportunities for everything.

The Accidental Players are putting together a show on body image, so go contribute stories/ideas/etc.

ff_shiprecs wins because ze is with me on the femslashy chemistry in Without a Trace.  (Also: Someone else who watched The Inside.  Yay!)

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