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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

CSI 5.18 "Spark of Life" (rerun; new to me)

stargazing / makeout -- oh, Grissom and Sara (also: Sara: "possible accelerant" / Grissom: "possible martini")

When the burnt woman opened her eyes? I felt like we were in X-Files, 'cause she didn't look like she should still be alive.

The woman on the stairs looked so young.

I liked the blood dripping effect.

I am totally with Greg on the seriously shaken reaction to the burn victim.

“She’s not conscious of what’s happening to her.”
“Not now.”

And just the ew.

And yeah, Sofia’s voice really bugs me.

I enjoy when the night’s two cases converge. Not sure I entirely buy all the details of the plot, though (particularly the cheating husband’s remark that it was his wife’s idea).

Loved the filming of that dim light conference thing.

“We just wanted a child.”
It occurs to the viewer that perhaps you are not the best people to be raising a child. On so many levels now.

Oh, and Catherine’s remark about a woman's body being built to protect her child. I was reading something (probably a pregnant!Zoe fic) recently that said the first 3 months the baby is unlikely to be harmed by external factors, that it’s after the first 3 months that there’s danger.

And the ending shot with the woman opening her eyes? Also creepifyin'

If I ever have free time again I may invest in NetFlix because I really would like to watch the first 5 seasons full through, and we may never get interlibrary video back. *smites delivery system*

So, I'm still regretful that I didn't watch the Close to Home with the suburban moms running prostitution out of their home (airing following the prostitution episode of Without a Trace) but an incest episode? Clearly I have to watch that. (Even though it's likely to be unpleasant -- reminds me of that episode of SVU(?) I saw about the cult that encouraged incest.)
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