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and the season begins

This morning I left a little later than I'd intended, and I thought, running/walking in my Smith hoodie with the cold autumn air, this is home.

And then were flecks of snow falling, which made me happy.

traces and I managed to successfully meet up at South Station -- in part due to the magic of cell phones :)

We walked to Downtown Crossing and had lunch at the food court and then took the Green Line to the MFA.

Crossing the street to the MFA, there were flecks of snow falling again.

Ansel Adams sold out before we got through the line, but that was okay.

We kind of ended up at the Koch exhibit, so we went through that and it was better than I had anticipated.

Then we headed to the European section.  They've rearranged the Impressionist room again.  (And the painting of Monet's wife has been moved to a neighboring room -- Japanese influence on Western aesthetics.)

traces loved that I've been so often I have childhood nostalgia and also that I can comment about what they've changed since I was last here.

Speaking of, the maps are no longer color-coded, but they now have You Are Here signs, which are color-coded.  I approve muchly.

We left before closing so that I could make my earlier train home, and we came out in the gift shop -- i.e., exterior windows for the first time all day -- and the world was covered in white and clumps were falling.  I was happy.

We walked from Park St. to South Station because we had plenty of time, and walking in the snow is lovely.

Walking home from the train in the falling clumping snow I was just ecstatic.
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