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"Who was John Ferrier?" / "Population: nobody yet" // "attached to your sneeze(r)"

Eric continues to prove himself something of a geek.  The X-Men movies came up in conversation, and I get the impression that he grew up with the comics; he's also a big fan of the Spiderman movies.  He did not know Ian McKellan is gay, though, which surprised me.

Amanda and I went for a brief walk in the afternoon because the weather was so beautiful.  Bright blue sky, green grass, trees turning green-to-yellow, brick buildings -- a touch warm for real autumn, but still good.  I'm sad that we had an over-extended summer followed by a lot of rain and missed out on autumn.

I turned around a little after 4 and the light was soft yellow, streaming in on the walls and also lighting up the trees (whose leaves are already yellow).  It's a really nice view out that window -- hills, trees, grass, brick building.

Walking across the bridge to go home I saw one crew boat emerge from under the bridge and slice through the water which looked dark green&blue.  (Usually there are many boats -- and/or we're having weather -- so a single boat slicing through the calm water was unusual.)

Walking home from the train the nice lady on Hoyle whom I frequently see between home and train gave me candy.

The flist-as-Halloween-party-guests Hallomeme mostly bores me, but it did give me one too perfect not to post:
     ladyvivien dressed as Counselor Troi from "Star Trek".

Not nearly as good as The Shining as feel-good-movie, but I'm still impressed by West Side Story as horror movie.
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